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  1. sandysman

    Move to Dordogne

    Hi folks, We are moving, on a temporary basis at first, to the Dordogne. A beek mate is going to babysit whilst we make up our minds whether to make a permanent move. Are there any keepers in northern Dordogne in the area of Piegut Pluviers on the forum that I could link in with from April until...
  2. sandysman


    Has anyone used bags of sugar in place of fondant for over winter feed? Andy
  3. sandysman

    OSR Nantwich

    On the way back from friends in Cheshire yesterday I drove past Nantwich and in a village just outside Nantwich there was a field of OSR in full flower. You lucky beeks in that area will no doubt be saving a few pounds on syrup this year.
  4. sandysman


    I know I'm sometimes a bit slow on the uptake but what's happened to the Finman? Andy
  5. sandysman

    Over winter brood and super

    When over wintering with a brood and super, what are your thoughts about the super. Do you place it at 90degrees to the brood box to make it easier to remove in the spring or in line so all the frames run in the same direction? I have seen both done but wondered what the consensus is on the...
  6. sandysman


    Can anyone help out here. I seem to think that I read (possibly on the forum) that bees drowning in a rapid feeder, may be a sign of nosema. Is this right or am I just having a CRAFT moment? Andy
  7. sandysman

    MAQS and feeding

    I have been fortunate enough to have been donated a new herd of bees from a friend. Sadly they are low on stores and heavy with varroa. I am treating the hive along with my own with MAQS and to date I have had a massive varroa drop from it. I feel that I need to feed it as soon as I can. Has...
  8. sandysman

    Shallows as part of varroa management

    A beekeeping acquaintance of mine inserts a shallow into the brood box to encourage the laying of drone brood. When layed up and reaching the sealed brood stage the frame is removed, then uncapped to check for varroa. Does anyone else do this? Andy
  9. sandysman

    Too late for foundation?

    I have just inherited a new hive that has not been treated for varroa this year, I also have my suspicion that it may have nosema as there are telltale marks on the front of the hive and would like to give them some fresh comb. As I have been changing the comb thought the year in my other hives...
  10. sandysman

    Bees and beans

    Just an observation. Last month my runner beans were full of bumble bees but no honey bees at all, now the reverse is the case. Is the reason pollen or nectar do we think and why the change over? Andy
  11. sandysman

    Would you treat?

    Over the last few months when I have tested for varroa I have had a nil result. I have been using Hiveclean during inspections as a maintainable dose only and this appears to have worked well. (It is my second season of using it ). I have in the past used the traditional autumn varroa...
  12. sandysman

    Brood and a half for winter?

    After uniting four hives, one with a newly laying queen I have two very strong colonies which are bringing in the balsam like its going out of fashion. One of the hives (both Nationals on OMF's) has BIAS on at least 5 frames and bees on 9' the other has bees on 10 frames but the new queen is...
  13. sandysman


    I have been made aware of a couple who live about a mile away from me who had a swarm appear in an old hive used for decoration purposes in their garden. They are pro bee, which is good and want to keep them. They have no equipment at all and although I have offered my services they have refused...
  14. sandysman

    Asian hornet

    Just had a message via twitter from Beecraft of a possible sighting of an Asian hornet in south east England today. Not sure if it has been identified and no further info available. Just be vigilant. Andy
  15. sandysman

    Wasp traps

    Not wanting to hijack Veg's post, (commiserations Veg), where IS the best place to deploy wasp traps. I know that Drstritson posted some negative remarks recently regarding the placing of traps in close proximity to the hives but our most experienced beekeeper at my local association says the...
  16. sandysman

    Give us a clue.

    I'm into my third year now so still much to learn, but this has foxed me. On 3rd June I was in the apiary when one of my hives swarmed, I had clearly missed a cell during inspection and they were off. I caught the swarm and re hived them. The original hive from which the swarm issued had 2...
  17. sandysman

    Is it my imagination?

    Is it my imagination or are there more bumble bees, wasps and butterflies this year. I have just been pottering in the garden and I don't think I can remember seeing as many bumble bees both in number and variety for a long time. There are also far more wasps and butterflies this year than in...
  18. sandysman

    Masonry bees

    I have been asked today if masonry bees can cause much damage to property. Has anyone any experience or advice on possible damage and ways to get rid of them from a cavity wall? Thanks Andy
  19. sandysman

    What did I see?

    Yesterday whilst doing some work around my apiary I saw a small cluster of bees on the floor, about a large mug full I would guess. I smoked them and as the bees flew off back to the hive I found a virgin queen on the floor. Sadly I lost her again in the long grass. This hive was one which had...
  20. sandysman

    White strip

    I have just gone out to my hives, one in particular has bees coming in covered in white pollen looking almost like a white stripe from head to tail. Any ideas, I know blackberry is grey, possibly that? Andy