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  1. Monbees

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Had to look up ' Had to look up 'corbicular'. You live and learn!
  2. Monbees

    Deterring wasps

    I shall try that this year (assuming bad year for wasps, as it usually is for me) as it is very difficult to empty - I have to cut open the chamber with a stanley knife and make a big hole to tip the contents onto the compost heap. Then the destroyed chamber goes to landfill unfortunately.
  3. Monbees

    Deterring wasps

    I'm sure Karol will explain ... again ... the waspbane is intended to catch the scout wasps so the frenzy of thousands of wasps is pre-empted and never happens.
  4. Monbees

    Flowering today but the bees are huddled indoors

    I think it's gorse - too prickly to be broom
  5. Monbees

    Deterring wasps

    However I do not know what the proprietary powder is (obviously) and I assume it is quite important. It is not just an attractant, but also assists in breaking down the organic matter in the chamber. That said, I'm sure would still work well without it, but I buy a new refill each year because...
  6. Monbees

    Sealing a new cedar hive

    Is there a question about the vaccine interval?
  7. Monbees

    Test for adulterated honey?

    From another site: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/honey-fraud-detection?fbclid=IwAR0f7geaAj0Oq-jZBLifBKT0XzfLRNRkUGf-dZRdj9w8Re8BvsD7T3X0eLY
  8. Monbees

    New Apiary Site

    Is that a footpath alongside the river bank?
  9. Monbees

    Double brood working vs Demaree

    I'll bet half the beekeeping forum are looking up the lyrics of Eric the Half a Bee. I never knew the derivation until now!
  10. Monbees

    Stingless bees

    Stingless bees? I would cease to be a beekeeper within a year due to wasps.
  11. Monbees

    Unknown plant bulb/corn

    Doesn't look like my crocosmia which are much flatter - but they do increase one on top of the other though
  12. Monbees

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Just ordered a stethoscope!
  13. Monbees

    Comparison of thymol treatments for varroa

    I never got on very well with Apiguard - bees didn't seem to distribute it very well and was always a lot left on the trays after treatment, so last two years I've been using Apilife Var which works fine but is very fragile and easy to crumble accidentally, so this next season giving Thymovar a...
  14. Monbees

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Moved one hive 50 yds within apiary as v cold and no bee activity in the last week, nor, according to forecast for the next week to 10 days. Will keep the entrance blocked for 24 hrs, don't know why really, probably just an excess of caution.
  15. Monbees


    Now I am wondering if you are right about a stoat; one of my ducks was killed on the pond (very shallow) but damage was only done to the back of its neck, the carcass was not taken away.
  16. Monbees

    Comparison of thymol treatments for varroa

    As I only use thymol as my late summer/autumn varroa treatment, I found this article on the efficacy of the three main types of thymol treatment an interesting read. https://www.beeculture.com/thymol-varroa-control
  17. Monbees


    I found the partially eaten carcasses of two ducks a field away and assumed that a spate of duck/chicken deaths was due to buzzards, but was told buzzards take smaller prey, or carrion. I don't think we have goshawks around here.
  18. Monbees

    Political Bakers' Fondant

    Like father, like son?
  19. Monbees

    So true!

    Nowhere near as deep as UK! Even without Germany in the equation the basic premise remains - listen to SWMBO
  20. Monbees

    So true!