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  1. nikca

    BBC Future Maddie Moate "What would happen if bees went extinct?"

    BBC Future Maddie Moate "What would happen if bees went extinct?" Ok, I know I set myself up for this by watching it. The awful grammar in the title should have warned me, but I thought "what the hey, it's just how young people speak now, innit?". I cringed a few times but 4:45 and...
  2. nikca

    First Inspection - I knew it was fine as everyone was out!

    Took this while out in the boat on my lake... it's been Willow time for the last 3 weeks - finally caught them at it!
  3. nikca

    And what did we find on the OMF inspection sheet today children?

    Time for the weekly Varroa count - and I did Troll counting. One, Two, Many... Lots! Around 1000 I reckon. Since week 1 was 400 and week 2 was 600 I was rather hoping for less this week :ack2: I took a picture of the lil buggers since I had the camera out anyway As part of my "detailed" count...
  4. nikca

    Wax moth eggs?

    Reduced a National BB to 5 frames with insulation to make an inpromptu Nuc. Weak colony due to the new queen leaving with most of the workers. Emegency queen just in lay - but really tiny colony. Took out 6 frames: 4 to re-introduce later (fully drawn new comb) and 2 to give back to MJbee...