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    What are you making / selling for Xmas?

    My partner is a potter; she has made these to turn your (and mine!) honey into gifts, Christmas or otherwise. They are ceramic, and of course can double up as Xmas tree decorations. The smaller is 5.5 cm diameter and the larger 7 cm. Please PM me if interested. The honey comb impression is...
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    Plant Identifier Plea

    Yes; Hemp agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria)
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    Modified bacteria targets varroa

    Saw this yesterday; a bacterium that lives in the gut of bees has been modified to attack varroa: sciencemag.org/news/2020/01/mite-destroying-gut-bacterim-might-help-save-vulernerable-noney-bees?
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    Pollen in forensics

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    Honey analysis

    Quite a lot of wild bird seed mixes, pollinator mixes or game cover crop mixes contain various brassicas and mustards; it could be tase strips alongside arable fields giving you your pollen mixture?
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    Honey analysis

    I used to do woodland survey work in Ceredigion. Not sure where you are, but most of the river valleys/gorges will have isolated old Small Leaved Lime trees in (Tilia cordifolia). The other lime is likely to be Tilia x Europea, the hybrid (with Large Leaved Lime, which doesn't occur in mid...
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    At long long last!

    There are 3 species of lime in the UK; Large leaved lime, Tilia platyphyllos is rare, with only a very few woods; Small leaved time (T cordata) is more common, esp in the South, where it can be found as coppiced woods, esp in East Anglia and Lincs. It is also found as odd trees in the uplands...
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    Cut comb

    I had a bit of trouble with square sections early on, but then alternated them with normal frames in the super - worked for me (but then a very good year and could hardly keep up with the bees super wise - so they may have filled them out of desperation!) - although for some reason the photo has...
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    Plant ID

    For me it is great willow herb (Epilobium hirsutum); leaves are hoary. Broad leaved willow herb is a smaller plant with glossy leaves.
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    Night time

    I run moth traps in the garden, where I've also got beehives. I worried about bees, but I've only ever found one or two bees in them, despite them coming on at dusk when my bees are still active.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    amen to that; fantastic beasts.
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    Is this a queen?

    yes, it is. Well spotted.