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    What should I do with a super of drawn frames over the winter?

    The bees drew out nearly all the frames in this super but did not put anything in them. Should I leave the super and frames on the hive - the hive already has two brood boxes (two colonies combined) and a super apart from this super - or take it off and keep the drawn frames indoors over the...
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    How not to sedate your goldfish

    My hives are located at the end of the garden, near the chicken run and small goldfish pond. Normally, I hold the inspection board over the goldfish pond and scrape off the pollen and bits for the fish to eat. Have done that for 18 months. All fine. Until this year I scraped off the...
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    Help, two supercedure cells - do I leave them to fight it out?

    8 May, my hive swarms. 9 May, I remove 38 swarm cells. 12 May, I think I managed an unplanned A/S with one queen from a swarm cell (so I plugged the entrance of the new hive with plant material and will remove it after 48 hours by which time I hope she has forgotten about swarming)C. 13 May, two...
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    Found another swarm cell, didn't throw her in the pond this time :-)

    The first swarm stayed around on that tree for three days and then disappeared. I don't think they returned to the hive. This afternoon I found on the top of a brood box frame one swarm cell that had been opened and resealed. I detached the cell from the frame and, instead of throwing it in...
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    Thinking about the queen in the swarm cell I threw away

    As the colony has already swarmed - and I don't yet know if I can retrieve the swarm from the tree - would it have been better (in hindsight) to move the frame with the queen in her swarm cell that I found today into the new hive? Instead of chucking her in the garden pond. Would she have...
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    Bees swarmed at 3.00pm today (London SE7) - advice needed

    Hello - I happened to be in the garden when my first hive of bees swarmed this afternoon and I stood and watched until it went quiet again. There appear to be two swarms, actually. One is near the top of my neighbour's tree, overhanging some waste ground that is not accessible by members of...