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    A prime swarm is no doubt the cheapest option, but as a new beekeeper you might lack confidence in collecting a swarm. Some commercial beekeepers offer TBH nucs although these can be expensive. I tend to disagree, 'conventional' methods of beekeeping can be off putting not least the sheer...
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    Deformed wing

    If the colony is that infested and weakened it could be argued he kill and burn them thus removing all signs of disease from that hive. He would have to scorch the hive parts afterwards. Start over again and learn from his mistake!!!!!!
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    Apis mellifera mellifera

    Beekeeping in Devon with a strain of Exeters heinz 57 bee. Would dearly love to have AMM in the home apiary........... One day perhaps Steve
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    Looking for books

    I am looking for the now out-of-print book Seasonal Beekeeping by Ron Brown. Any offers would be gratefully received. Steve
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    double brood, 14x12 or one and half, experience please!

    I have been using nationals for years, after a little experiment with commercials, and have found double brood boxes to be preferable to brood and a half. The main advantages I have found include uniformity of frame size which is ideal when splitting colonies and manipulating for swarm control...
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    Campaign to stop Bee Imports

    I agree with the principle of banning bee imports, maintaining the natural biodiversity of our green and pleasant land. BIBBA are doing sterling work in trying to save our native bee, but what chances does it have after decades of imports diluting the gene pool(not to mention imported parasites...