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  1. J

    Slow typing

    My guess would be that you have an older iPad and the apps have updated to take advantage of hardware available on newer models (or new apps) which in turn takes resources from other areas and slows down the entire thing.
  2. J

    ok to eat commercial foundation?

    Cut comb test?
  3. J

    Winter Preperation

    Thanks, I usually opt for the tub over the feeder hole but interesting to hear your thoughts regarding placing it straight on the frames. The only worry I would have is lifting the coverboard and letting out all the heat?
  4. J

    Winter Preperation

    itma, How do you deal with feeding (if the need arises) with no hole in the crownboard?
  5. J

    Frame for wired excluder

    Has anyone made a frame for a wired queen excluder? The only way it looks doable is by routing a slot or something but that seems over complicated so I wondered if anyone had done something more straight forward?
  6. J

    What have you learned in your first year?

    In my first 24 hrs I learnt that I couldn't lift a hive plus two supers all at once....and that I definately wasn't allergic to bee stings!
  7. J

    Hives/equipment wanted (14x12)

    Hi all, I'm hoping to expand a bit this year/next year and wondered if anyone had some equipment for sale around wiltshire/gloucestershire? James
  8. J

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Interesting, what kind of factories are they?
  9. J

    Zip file

    For interest, 7zip will also split the file into manageable chunks for you which can then be stuck back together at the other end.
  10. J

    OSR Pollen?

    OSR starting to come out near Cricklade if your in north Wiltshire.
  11. J


    It was the electric motor that appealed to me!
  12. J


    Anyone ever try one of these to move supers/brood about? They're designed for fishing tackle but seem to be perfect for the job? h**p://www.powawalker.co.uk/index.htm
  13. J

    New computer

    Surely a virtual server running on a physical server would, on the face of it, require more resources than a straight physical? If you think about it there is another layer of provisioning required; physical - hypervisor - virtual Instead of just; physical - OS. My experience at enterprise...
  14. J

    New computer

    How could that possibly be true without quantifying the hardware?
  15. J

    New computer

    Sorry but this statement is totally meaningless and just plain wrong!!!
  16. J

    New computer

    Fair enough, most of my experience is with VMWare but I might have a look into Xen, not really a viable corporate solution but interesting non the less. By the way M0LIT..?
  17. J

    New computer

    Do you have any more info on that because that’s pretty much the opposite of my experience!!
  18. J

    New computer

    hmm, its apparently included natively with Ubuntu 11.04 but its clear from your post that you had a few issues with it :D. For what its worth I would stick with Windows if its the best suited to your needs.
  19. J

    New computer

    I wouldn't go for an AMD, an Intel i3/5/7 whatever is far superior. However if you just want a desktop for normal day-to-day stuff the best thing to do is pick you budget and buy whichever one you like from your preferred retailer, if your current computer is 5 years old anything available now...
  20. J

    Removing Honey

    Sadly not really keen on wine (probably could be forced to try Mead though!! ;) ) just nice to see there's other new bee keepers nearby.