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    too harsh to keep bees?

    Hi all, had the bee inspector round today and overall the bees are healthy but colonies are weaker than would like and as all swarmed when I was away they are queenless apart from one that lays mixed drone and workers in worker cells? (she is newly mated though) I did requeen a hive but queen...
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    Nuc to Hive - How to do it?

    Hi all can i ask for some advice please, a swarm was caught about 3 weeks ago and put in a 6 frame nuc box but believe it or not they have filled 4 1/2 frames so i was wondering how to move this to a hive? When i got a nuc before it had travelled so it was no problem but this time there is no...
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    Hi All, it is 10th June and my heating is now on in the house, I am still feeding bees and it never stops raining. Had a great April but that is it only had a few days above 15c after that, is anyone else in wales as fed up as me? Is this normal? Is bee keeping in Wales a real possibility?
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    Hi, hope you can help my bees are out looking healthy but they are making a bit of a mess, they are messing on the hive entrance, some is a bit wet but most looks more like fish pooh, long and thin I have looked everywhere but not seeing much info on the internet. Looked on the floor outside the...
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    Thanks to the Forum

    After my first season last year and starting so late and with such a dire winter I opened my Beehaus with nothing but dread this morning but hey ho the colony was huge and chopming on fondant well :) I would like to thank the forum for your advise and of course Pete aka hivemaker as my private...
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    Beehaus Blowing Over

    Hi, I thought I would post this to see if this was a common problem. At the end of last week we had very heavy winds and so strong infact that mt Beehaus was blown right over, alsmost 10' away into the brook. Has anyone else had the same problem. I personally love the beehaus but being so high...
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    You Tube Videos

    Hi, I am new to this only having bees for 5 weeks now but am really enjoying it, I really enjoy my weekly hive inspections but I must admit I do dress like the mitchelin man on the basis i would like to keep bees but also stings to a minimum. I understand sometime I will get stung but I am...