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    vitafeed gold

    Dilute to 1% in 1:1 sugar syrup (e.g. 10 ml VitaFeed Gold with 990 ml syrup), ensure it's mixed thoroughly and feed up to 5 litres per hive.
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    Apiguard and bearding

    Hi Acabee, I found this on the manufacturer's website 15. Q: The bees are forming a beard at the entrance to the colony; does this mean the Apiguard is harming them? A: Bees often form a beard when it’s just too hot inside the hive. However, they do this sometimes in hot conditions when...
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    Apiguard or Apistan?

    I would guess that, since many beekeepers around the original poster are using Apistan, he is fortunate to be based in an area as yet unaffected by pyrethroid resistance.
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    Apiguard or Apistan?

    Agreed. Advice from the manufacturer of both products is that a rotational strategy is best practice. This is most effective at a regional level (i.e. where possible, all beekeepers in an area coordinate to use the same type of treatment at the same time, and all rotate to a new type together...