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    Bring bees home for winter

    A number of beekeepers in our association felt that the colonies that overwintered in the garden last year tended to emerge stronger than those that were in the out-apiuries.
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    Is it safe for me to have a beehive?

    We kept our bees in our small suburban garden in the first year. As they were a 5 frame nuc they merrily went about their business and ignored us as they grew in number. Having the bees in garden was great for a beginner as they are convieniently to hand and were a real joy. Our neighbour only...
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    Buckfast Beekeepers Group

    I have to say that they are not always the answer. I got a couple of Buckfast queens this year and they are not performing too well compared to locally reared ones, plus one of the hives has turned very, very angry. I am sure this is always the case but I think I will stick to getting queens...