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    Closing down my blog

    Closing down my blog for a couple of weeks. bee back soon
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    Fed Them

    The new hive seems to be doing well - still v. busy. Weather changable. Fed bees Spring feed - Miller feeder.
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    Swarm bees update

    As the weather improved this afternoon so did the "new" hive. Bees bringing in loads of pollen....looks as though both hives have found the oil seed rape!
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    Hail and rain this morning

    My original hive remains very busy, just as though nothing had happened. This morning we noticed bees still flying around the fence where the swarm landed yesterday. Although they didnt go far from the original hive I wonder why they are still persist, after all they weren’t there last night...
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    My Bees Swarmed Today

    My bees swarmed at mid day today. Hindsight is a wonderful thing; whilst the weather held we should have gone through the bees instead of blithely watching them bringing in the different coloured pollens, trying to decide what they had been foraging on. Anyway, back to my tale: The bees...
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    Changeable Weather

    Have not managed to get inside for a look at the bees, yet. Today they were at it again - outside the hive. We have decided that they are orientating! We have noticed dead drones in small numbers too.:angelsad2::angelsad2: Put some euphorbia in the garden (present actually) and noticed the...
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    Waiting for the weather to improve

    Cold start to the day - ice on my bird baths! Warmed up later but still not warm enough to take a peek at the girls. Bees got busy just before lunch and have found the oil seed rape (which was only a matter of time - just a short walk for me through the wood). They were coming back covered in...
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    What to do next?

    Just come back from the Bee Auction at Lincoln (not tempted by anything – although an extractor is high on our list). Decided to take advice from my mentor and other (revered) bee keepers - to add more room in the brood chamber. Thoughts are that the bees are over crowded (certainly a lot of...
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    Yesterdays mystery

    My blog will always be one day behind... I got back in from shopping yesterday and the bees met me at the driveway gates ! Dashing up to the top of the garden through a (?swarm?) haze of (happy) bees I noticed that bees were all over the front of the hive even hanging hanging down onto the...
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    A good year for bees?

    Ok. New beginnings - not sure if that is grammatically correct. However,we are back to bee keeping after 20 or so years (those halcyon times of fields of bean, Borage and hardly any varroa - those were the days!) Cant believe we actually bought some bees this time. I remember seeing and...
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    Cone bee escape

    I am a bit confused. being unhappy with a flat roof for my national hive, I bought a gabled roof (flat pack) which came with a cone bee escape. The bees are getting in and out of the bee escape! I contacted where I bought the roof from and recieved this... Cone escapes are primarily used in...