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    hello all!

    Welcome to the forum, i am based in Kent and i did a course with a brilliant couple, they run taster days and various other courses google Teynham Bees and info should appear, also got my best colony from them too! Best of Luck Ruth
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    breeding of rabbits

    i'm affraid the vaccine cannot be used in rabbits for meat either only domestic rabbits not entering food chain.
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    WBC's + Nuc's for sale North Kent

    Do you have a selling price? will you sell items idividually? many thanks
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    bees and hive for sale priced for quick sale

    hi what type of hive r they in? thanks
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    Varroha Brushing

    went to a good talk on alterntive varroa tx without chemicals, it was free with lunch!run by LHSE and Defra funded. Well worth going, check out website for dates and locations.
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    Managing Varroa without chemicals course

    Checked today and the courses are FREE!
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    Managing Varroa without chemicals course

    i found it at kent county show, i have booked places and i believe it is free!i will check tomorrow tho, its run by live stock south east that runs various courses on different husbandry aspects for agriculture and pet keepers alike.
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    Managing Varroa without chemicals course

    for those interested in chemical free varroa control see attached website. The course is being run by south east livestock and i believe west point vets r running it on 2 diff dates and 3 diff locations (see training bit) www.livestockhealthsoutheast.org.uk.
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    Beekeeping suits

    my suit is from BB wear and worth every penny, as they say you get what you pay for!
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    Votes needed to help london apiary project win the lottery

    Brilliant just watching this on the news, fingers crossed, it gets my vote
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    horses and bees dont mix

    i would love to read a post mortem report from the vet who attended the horses and see what was said. I keep bees and horses in close proximity and have never had a problem and i will continue to keep them together being both a horse and bee owner, i will however get ready for the million and...
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    Angry farmer wants me to move hive

    My apairy is situated next to a large horse business!!nothing has been stung in the year that they have been there, horses in the next field and there are plenty of stables too! i am a bee and horse owner and have no problem wiith both at the same site just as long as the horses don't have...
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    Chalk Brood

    i think it was to do with us moving them, we had just purchased them and had an hr n half journey to new site, at our first inspection saw the chalk brood,ppl had told me the queen was duff and that it was genetic, so thought had to requeen but the bee vital has done job so far
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    Chalk Brood

    I know there is no medicine but it has helped the situation until i can requeen with a better queen from my other colonies. I have not seen any chalk brrod since using this, and will change frames when i can nearer winter as i am working older frames out of brood box. The colony has expanded...
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    Chalk Brood

    I had chalk brrod in a colony at the beginning of the season, i tried the bee vital chalk brood, mycostop stuff and it seems to have done the job, so worth a try.
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    Sale - Sat 18th June - Herefordshire

    i will be there too, its worked out very well timing wise with my trip to Wales:hurray:
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    CO-OP Free seeds

    got my 5 packs too, now lets hope we get some rain in Kent
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    And without some of the products used for treating fleas and ticks we would have some hell of diseases spread round but never mind, Rabies and other deadly diseases would be in this country if we all thought that chemicals and using vaccine is wrong. Its each to their own what they wish to...
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    yes it is safe for dogs if used CORRECTLY! i use it to treat dogs and i am a vet nurse. I use the product myself to actually bath the dogs!i have had first had experience with tis product. Yes other members do have successful ways of treating varroa but others have large problems that need to...
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    Amitraz is poisonous to CATS, it is perfectly safe for dogs, its stupid owners putting it on cats that causes the problem, i see this many a times despite the large sign and wording DO NOT USE ON CATS. We use this product to treat mange very effectively when nothing else does the job...