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  1. J

    Maisemore sale

    I agree entirely that beekeepers ideally shouldn't run low such that they need things immediately, but criticising others that they are being critical at having to wait over four weeks is ummmm.... pretty hypocritical. Just as in the case of the beekeeper not running low on stock, perhaps the...
  2. J

    Maisemore sale

    Placed 26th June at 0950 so fairly early on in the sale (less than 10h in out of 72 and I'm guessing not a huge rush in the first 7 hours). I think that suggests there isn't really a queue as such unless it's reverse order. Not had anything to update me on the delay. Pretty disappointed really...
  3. J

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    I think there are 10 endemic to the UK. Near me (East Midlands) we have a lot of rosebay willowherb (tall, purple thin trumpet shaped flowers clustered on a tall spikes), greater willowherb (as in your picture), broad leafed (pale pink flowers) and fringed willowherb (small, delicate flowers...
  4. J

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    That last picture is greater willowherb rather than broad leaf willowherb although i imagine you will have both flowering on the Clee, as well as rosebay willowherb.
  5. J

    Choosing your breeder queen

    I don't really wish to inflame this any further. You are entitled to your opinion and you make keep your bees in a very different manner to many others, however..... swarm management i.e. preventing the bee colony from its natural means of reproduction is unnatural. Hive inspection is...
  6. J

    Queen rearing failings

    I make sure that the food compartment is full so that there is no room for them to cluster in there or at other times I've blocked it off with insulation tape and left some fondant in the brood area sufficient to last for the period of confinement.
  7. J

    Advice on up-scaling production

    I've been through a similar process to you but a little but further on. I've separated the two enterprises completely with one apiary solely for breeding and nuc production, and the others for production only (around 20 hives). I did have them mixed in the past but found it less easy to manage...
  8. J

    Unite, requeen or steal 😁

    I would stick a frame of eggs/larvae in from the Q+ hive and see what happens. If they are Q- they will raise a queen, and if you've just missed her on inspection then you'll also know. I wouldn't be worrying too much about them being on four frames. It's only mid-April - in many years you...
  9. J

    Dr.P Stoffen queens

    I placed an order for four queens back in June and due to my work commitments agreed a despatch date of 22 July. Had an email confirming their despatch date with shipping code last week. Sent Monday, delivered Friday all healthy and well - not even a dead attendant.
  10. J

    incubator temperature

    My last batch (and first batch of the year), it took me three or four days to notice that I'd obviously lent it to someone to hatch chicken eggs since using it the previous year and it was set to 37. It might have had some impact but still had >75% emergence so I suspect that it isn't that...
  11. J

    Prompted by another post A heads UP!

    I entirely agree that making no effort to prevent swarms is irresponsible. I think we'd all agree that if I was a beef farmer, leaving a gate open and just letting my bull go for a wander would be irresponsible. It is irresponsible just to take my dog for a walk and not pick up any mess - I worm...
  12. J

    building up a small hive

    I think they might surprise you - the OSR near me in the midlands is either in flower or just breaking, and the blackthorn is out too so there is forage just starting. I'd say you have done the right thing by moving them into something a little smaller and feeding them. Be careful not to just...
  13. J

    Value added Honey products

    So in short summary, the word "profit" is present in the third sentence of the paragraph referring to property and trading income allowances.
  14. J

    Value added Honey products

    If you read the relevant paragraph you are allowed to deduct expenses: "From April 2017, the government will introduce a new £1,000 allowance for property income and a £1,000 allowance for trading income. Individuals with property income or trading income below £1,000 will no longer need to...
  15. J

    Mann-Lake boxes

    Also, just to add. ML national shallows/supers, at least the pine ones, have a small slot for adding in metal frame runners. To be honest, I'd have preferred not having anything and just being able to nail these in as since I won't use them it does create an extra crevice for things to hide.
  16. J

    Mann-Lake boxes

    Just to add in my thoughts to this thread. I've just received my order of 10 national shallows in pine. Yes, there are some knots, and also some panels have sapwood in too which isn't ideal. On the other hand they were less than £7 in the sale, which even accounting for the small amount of time...
  17. J

    Jigsaw or circularsaw

    Someone seems to be suspicious by their absence???? Just to follow-up on bpmurray and plenty of honey, I use a very similar online program available at optimalon.com You have to register but then you can set up all your panels (I have all the sizes set for 14x12s, shallows and nucs). You then...
  18. J

    Agression - nature or nuture?

    A little bit of hope then - the new queen will be an F1 Buckfast. I'll check again on Sunday when there should be some hatched brood and see if the situation has changed. The experimental scientist in me thinks that I'll leave them for now regardless and see whether the new bees hatching in 3-6...
  19. J

    Agression - nature or nuture?

    Interesting, I'd not come across that before. I haven't seen any signs of DWV previously. So, let's say it is that, do I just wait out six weeks as before and hope that the new queen has a better genetic resistance to the virus than that of the old workers? The hive is in an apiary of four...
  20. J

    Agression - nature or nuture?

    One of my hives has been queenless for around six weeks following a missed swarm early in the year. The QCs were cut down to one, no eggs two weeks after expected hatching and they subsequently raised queen cells from the first test frame I put in (eggs only). During the intervening time they...