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  1. J

    Frame for wired excluder

    Has anyone made a frame for a wired queen excluder? The only way it looks doable is by routing a slot or something but that seems over complicated so I wondered if anyone had done something more straight forward?
  2. J

    Hives/equipment wanted (14x12)

    Hi all, I'm hoping to expand a bit this year/next year and wondered if anyone had some equipment for sale around wiltshire/gloucestershire? James
  3. J


    Anyone ever try one of these to move supers/brood about? They're designed for fishing tackle but seem to be perfect for the job? h**p://www.powawalker.co.uk/index.htm
  4. J

    Opinions please

    Hi all, I posted a while ago thinking I may have been Q-. Basically after a period of indecision and a few conversations with people more experience than myself it looked like I had laying workers. After a quick check yesterday I came across this, was I mistaken with the laying workers idea...
  5. J

    re-queen or not?

    Hi all, Apologies for my first post being a question but I'm hoping for some opinions. I've had my first hive (brood and a half of bees) for just over a month so I'm still very much a beginner. About a week after I received my hive I had a major incident where I dropped the hive trying to place...