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    Bees in an awkward place?

    Sorry to have caused so much bad feeling. I now remember why I have not posted for awhile now. When they said, if you ask two bee keepers what their opinion was, they said there would be at least three if not more opinions. What I didn't expect was all the back biting and criticism of others...
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    Bees in an awkward place?

    Some pics Thanks for your comments so far Alan
  3. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Bees in an awkward place?

    Hi, not posted on the forum for awhile but have a small problem that I need a little advice on and I know this is the place to get the help. A friend, local to me, has a problem with a nest. They are in the roof area over the front of his downstairs frontroom window. There is no access on the...
  4. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Dead bees

    I went to check on mine today. They were flying before the snow, about two weeks ago, but today they were dead. Must admit, I feel like a failure. There are plenty of stores and still some fondant that I gave them before closing them up. What do I do now?
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    News from the Daily Mash

    BRITAIN'S bees are to be privatised in a bid to reverse their decline. Bees have been destroyed by communism The insects have been hit in recent years by a huge drop in productivity, mass redundancies, and the collapse of traditional honeymaking communities, and the move is aimed at getting the...
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    Feeding back brace comb and some stores

    My friendly keeper came round last week a told me to put my fondant straight on top of the frames. Up until now I had been using a plastic box with a hole in the bottom over the feeder hole. He suggested I use an eke and then the crown board on top. I left a week ago for a small hol and on my...
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    You need to look at the costs, the time taken and the result. I got 12Kg from my local bakers for £11. If you have the time and the equipment and the inclination it might be cheaper to make it but if you include your time as well I am not sure making it is cost effective but have a go and...
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    Spot the Bee

    My wife has planted some Bee friendly plants this year in readiness for the girls arriving. What a success, the hebe out the front was full and the picture shows the Thyme that they seem to love. It is just under the washing line so she worries a little but the girls are more interested in the...
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    Feeding Fondant

    Thank you all for your thoughts on fondant so far. Not a lot on the varroa part, thanks plumberman, that is my next task. I know apigard is available but did I not see somewhere that 'the reciept' was better and well tested, watched the video hedgerow, great. Even got the school to come up...
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    Feeding Fondant

    I have had my girls 4 weeks now. They came on 5 frames and were given to me already in my hive. I was told there was a chance of honey this year but to be honest all I want is a strong colony ready to go through the winter so I will not be taking any. Up until now I have been feeding with a...
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    Bee Swarm in a B

    My son took this pic at the Kent Show on Friday. Thought it would appeal to me as I also own an MGB. The swarm is on the bonnet catch.
  12. The Girls

    The Girls

  13. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Bees and Badgers

    If you'd like to see badgers in your garden put out some monkey nuts. They love them and don't take them back to the set just sit there and strip and eat them. We have had a family of 5 on film in the back garden in the past. Wonderful to see and enjoy.
  14. *ZhG*StGeorge

    CO-OP Free seeds

    Got mine too, going in my newly planted meadow.