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    Whats with this cold weather

    Stacks of Horse Chestnut have started to bloom as of yesterday. We have some very large trees which will soon be full of it.
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    Honey Paw Langstroth Polyhives

    Yes i've watched his videos on them and he seems reasonably pleased with them. I do tend to treat paid promotions with a degree of scepticism though; wisely i think. I like the Dadant brood box and their nucs too so may buy one of each for a try out. I'm getting a little long in the tooth for...
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    Honey Paw Langstroth Polyhives

    Does anyone have an opinion on the above hives? I understand they are not prebuilt, therefore requiring of assembly. I was wondering if anyone uses them and what they think of them before i splash out.
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    It's all very sad

    What a brilliant idea. I shall make one. Thanks for this.
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    New Beekeeper

    Welcome to the forum. I know a bee keeper who lives in the middle of a large estate and has had no problems. I can imagine how it could cause issues though.
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    New Beekeeper - Flow Hive

    Welcome. I hope your flow hive is a success.
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    Hello all

    I'm at the other end of the country to you but welcome anyway.
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    Just joined, saying hi.

    Welcome. Lots of great info here.
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    Just joined, saying hi.

    Welcome. Enjoy the forum.
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    What's flowering as forage in your area

    A sudden massive burst of Bramble in my area over the last day or so.
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    It’s Hello from me just south of the Tyne.

    Welcome to the forum Jim.
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    Hello from sunny Suffolk

    Welcome to the forum. Bone dry around my way too. Not unlike May 1976 at present.
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    Overwintered Nucs stolen - Yorkshire

    It's been a couple of weeks so any updates on the theft?
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    Nuc wanted

    Quite right too in my opinion.
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    Close Call Swarm

    Me too. Never heard of that one.