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    Apiary sites wanted in DA11 Area.

    Hello. I’m in need of space. I live in Gravesend, Kent, UK. Does anyone have room for a couple of hives Please. I don’t tolerate stingy bees and I’m looking to breed A.M.M. Local to the area type bees.
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    Offer to Beeks in DA11 area

    Hello. I”m currently free to Mentor anyone in the Gravesend, Kent or surrounding area.
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    Hello Trying. Thank You for the kind offer. Yesterday i went to My friends two colonies which he keeps in his garden. His were as bad but the combs were full of pollen and the queen restricted to three usable frames. But i found the queen, so i did a "shook swarm" My two and his all together...
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    interesting. I didn't see the queens. as the colony was so small I thought the tiny brood pattern was dead from cold. I'll go have a proper look tomorrow. Thank you. i did see sealed brood 75 mm circle grubs and eggs.
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    Thank you for your replies. I'll check the survivors for nosema. I haven't treated for Varroa for years, I bred from the survivors but was down from 5 colonies to two since 2014. I shall go back to school.
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    Hello there. Apologies for the S word. today was the first opportunity to look at my colonies properly. I keep them in North Kent on a Farm which is colder than town. both colonies were missing. a small patch of brood and eggs, 100 to 200 bees, loads of sealed honey. No queen cells which is what...
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    Wasps in roofspace

    Hello Monsieur. wasps building a nest this time of year, I would assume its for overwintering queens, which would build into a full nest next spring. If you want to bump them off try sprinkling ant powder nearby. They will eat it.
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    Hello Frenchie. take a piriton anthistamine tablet twenty minutes before opening the hive. wear yellow marigolds. if possible have a smoker boy with you to free you up from that duty. when using the smoker, pump the bellows slowly and breathe the smoke over the bees you shouldn't hear it...
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    4 of 4 disillusioned Bee Keeper

    Hello there. take an anthistamine half hour before opening the hive as it needs to be in your system to work. my bees are terrors at this time of the year. so rather than opening the hive I just watch what theyr'e doing and remove the roof and gently heft the hive to check on the stores. If my...
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    Hello From Gravesend in Kent, UK.

    Hello There. I see the error i made there. What I meant was I have made every mistake that has been put on the forum and then some, rather than i'm perfect.
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    Spiralling out of control!

    frame carrier. could you make a carrier (idea it would look like an old fashioned suitcase). I made a carrier with straps and plywood boards to supers could be moved on their side. I love the vacuum bag tip by the way.
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    Hello From Gravesend in Kent, UK.

    Hello There. Been keeping bees since 1997. and I have run out of mistakes to make. (yesterday I went to the bee shed to put some gear away. then I noticed a wasp, then another. stopped counting when I saw the wasp nest between me and the door. there's a large association in Gravesend, But i'm a...
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    Hi everyone

    Hello PennyB. Kent is a big place. I'm from Gravesend.
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    Hi all

    kent. Hello Kiers. I live in Gravesend. and My Apiary is in Luddesdown. between cobham and cuxton. You're welcolme to come over some day.
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    Non Treatment.

    :reddevil: I know this is going to set the forum on fire. I don't treat because the sooner the bees learn to sort out varroa without our help the better. I'm relying on the history lesson from the 1920's when bees survived the "isle of wight disease" in spite of our intervention.