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    taking in pollen .....

    Girls flying today with pollen coming in. 7 degrees. Very bright today here. No clouds. Yellow pollen mainly. Tomorrow wil be a busy day as forecast says 12 degrees.
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    Glycerol to calibrate refractometer

    Surely this is a much better substance to calibrate refractometers than olive oil. Refractive index of 1.4729 at 20C. Maps to 25.5% water content. And will not vary from bottle to bottle. And if you make your own fondant you will have this in the cupboard anyway. Seems like a no brainer to me.
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    Refractometer Calibration

    Why olive oil? Confused why olive oil is the substance of choice here. Yes it is cheap, but will add to the inaccuracy of the refractometer because it is a variable substance. Surely a better substance is Glycerol. Has a refractive index of 1.4729 at 20C, that does not have variability. This...
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    Toilet Break

    You would have thought that the bees would have learnt to use the OMF by now........
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    Are our bees 'enslaved'

    I give them a house, I look after them, feed them as required and make sure they have all they need. And I clean up after them. It's more like parenting than slavery.
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    Are our bees 'enslaved'

    Is it slavery when they do what they want with their time? I don't force them to visit the flowers........
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    double brood

    Surely the question has to be If you are thinking of doing it, why are you thinking of doing it? What do you think the benefits would be?
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    New bee shed arrived

    Wow. How many bees does it sleep? ........... :-)
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    Inherited Bees

    MattK, Good on you for having a go. I have a feeling this will turn into the beek equivalent of big brother. How about "hiveCam"?
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    Japanese Knotweed

    Arfermo, Japanese knotweed is not a notifiable weed. Never has been. Please check the Defra website.
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    Advice please. Chalk brood.

    Check that the roof doesn't leak. Water settling on the roof may be entering through poorly cut roof plate. Duck tape is a wonderful thing.
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    black stuff in cell is it ok

    It's pollen. Most likely poppy.
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    Yellow pollen

    I think it is Linden. Coming in in buckets.
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    Yellow pollen

    Pale lemon yellow pollen coming in by the leg-load. All the ladies carrying the same. Not seen it before today. Any ideas? I'm guessing it is off a tree as the volume coming in is amazing.
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    High amount of propolis suddenly? Anyone the same?

    Same here. Examined at the weekend. Nothing. Could have done it without the hive tool. Today, crownboard cemented to the broodbox.