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    Beeswax polish recipe?

    one more tip, if you do use a formula / recipe containing turps (genuine or turps substitute), do NOT heat it over an open flame (gas cooker etc).... use something on the lines of a bain-marie, either using boiling water or heat over an electric element (carefully)...... as the solvent heats...
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    Beeswax polish recipe?

    and "waxed" lemons.... it is also the first wax I reach for when formulating Car / Boat / Caravan polishes, but always less than 0.5 % w/w otherwise it's a b*gger to get good flow out and no ghosting...... it can also be added to furniture polishes, to give a harder finish and better depth...
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    What are you reading this winter?

    does Razzle qualify?? :sorry:
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    Techie help please

    yeah, what he said..... :confused:
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    would like to reserve two nucs for 2013

    are you a member of south staff's BKA? if not I suggest you join and ask around, there are two or three members who have nuc's available :)
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    Colonies for sale

    do the commercials include hives or is it just frames and bees? are the supers commercials or nationals? cheers
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    11 national hives and bees and equipment

    how much are you asking for them?
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    1 bee in my hive

    :iagree: you never know when a hive will turn "grumpy"......
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    brood box full of honey,will they shift it up?

    above the Q/E, but below any existing super(s) the bees will find the warmth from the brood nest will help in drawing the comb out and they naturally work from the top down when filling honey into comb....
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    this has got Pete's name all over it....

    do you think this auction on flee bay was set up exclusively for our dear friend Hedgerow.....?? :biggrinjester: shame about the price though.... :(
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    Emerging queens in airing cupboards?

    I usually read the rest of the shoe first...... :biggrinjester:
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    A tale of true survival

    i'm sure the cats would prefer Whiskas ;)
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    NUC wanted in Tamworth,staffs

    Hiya, first thing to do is join South Staff's and District BKA, come along to the saturday morning meetings at Shugborough meet up, have a chat to folk and ask around. there are two or three of the members that sometimes have nuc's for sale, or you could ask to be put on the swarm collector's...
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    Any Good to anyone

    The camera mount, can easily be can fix it on the car dashboard or car windshield. sounds like it's for internal mounting / not waterproof, so i dont know if it'd be any use monitoring hives.... certainly not in my apiaries :(