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  • to be fair, 10 x sheets of standard brood will do you for now, I can always lend you some if you run short

    if you get 20 sheets each of 14 x 12 brood and the same of shallow foundation, that should also do for now.

    I'd just get 20 x 14 x 12 frames for now, that'll be enough for a full brood box, plus the leftovers will be enough to run a swarm onto in the second, should we get two swarms in close succession

    Thanks to Richard, don't think i could function that well that early!!!
    Thanks for the links. I have started to order but quite pricey and don't want to over order but don't either want to find I haven't ordered enough! Would 20 of each be enough? Guess I would need 30 frames to fill 14x12 brood box. Sorry to be so pathetic but I know I will get wrong quantity!
    Richard has sprayed crops tnis morning but went out at 6am to do it so it would not affect the bees!!!!
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