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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Rendered some bits of beeswax I'd been meaning to get on with, in advance of going for a swap tomorrow at the NHS.
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    BeeBase, the Good the Bad and the Ugly !

    No worries. The above post referred to livestock, i.e. Cattle, sheep, pigs, >49 poultry/waterfowl etc.. This thread has discussed whether Beebase registration should be a legal requirement but at present it is not.
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    BeeBase, the Good the Bad and the Ugly !

    No. In your scenario the local area will be repopulated naturally or by beekeepers. Swarms will move into the old feral bee nest sites used previously. However, foulbroods are spore forming. This means that when those new bees arrive, even if completely FB free, they will be exposed to the...
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    Plastic Frames

    Or being sent to bed with no tea... For months!
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    why the extra step in soft set?

    To make sure the whole lot does it. Bit of a PITA to have a load of honey in jars and then have to empty them out to reattempt if it fails.
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    Pre assembled frames in Sales

    Just double check with them that they actually come assembled. Over the summer they advertised some as assembled thirds free with the wax... However they then decided the quality wasn't good enough even with the caveats they'd said so shipped out first quality flat packed ones.
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    BeeBase, the Good the Bad and the Ugly !

    Matthew 12:37. ;)
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Poly hives are already insulated by virtue of the material so shouldn't need extra.
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    BeeBase, the Good the Bad and the Ugly !

    Am I the only one who feels like this is a challenge to locate the hives? To be honest I was half wondering about the possibility of making a number of Slovenian style hives and creating a bunker on the local heath to hide them securely in... Just to see if I could...
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    BeeBase, the Good the Bad and the Ugly !

    Yes- others doing or not doing it does not make it any more or less a legal requirement. One reason for the record keeping is that if there are any issues with the medications used, they should thus theoretically be traceable/able to be recalled. It also means if any honey is found contaminated...
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    Which budget wood hive

    Hopefully that might mean further discounts at the NHS...
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    Price of honey

    Is that because they all died from the toxic levels of accumulated HMF before they could? ;)
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    Price of honey

    No idea but I thought it had lower medicinal value! Hope mine give me a bit, checking in the next few days. You do well on your sales!
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    BeeBase, the Good the Bad and the Ugly !

    I agree that people make a choice with regards to which laws they follow but I was highlighting that the law on registering livestock is not 'optional' as seemed to be presented. It is a legal requirement and there are consequences if you do not follow the law. Personally I object to...
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    Just add BKFHS3 at checkout for an extra discount

    Oh yeah! Weird. Edit: I don't know what I was thinking with the above, now struck through. P.S. Thanks @Patrick1