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    first inspection problems. Help!

    If you can get a swarm it will sove you problems I will be collecting swarms very soon I in Paulton
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    first year keeping bees

    It get easier after 37 years
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    pest controller....

    If thay ask me to remove bb I say £50 and that stop them
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    Brood and a half or not??

    Add the super take the honey
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    Queen cells

    I hope so
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    Is it OK to put a swarm in a nucleus?

    Put the nuc on one side of a weak hive Waite 3 days then move to other side then 3 days then move to new site
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    Double Brood,How To?

    You are dealing with a living system that does not always read the books
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    and so the honey crop

    and so the honey crop?:serenade:
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    Judging by what I saw today the bees are about 3 weeks from swarming
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    Arina hive monitors

    Did anybody buy or try the arina hive monitors at the spring con?
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    First call out of year!

    getting a bit stuck up
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    Are your bees still swarming?

    I had a swarm not mine fly over my house last week
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    latest swarm in 2012

    I had a swarm on sep 30 last year
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    Swarms in August how odd

    In the wet sumer of 2008 all the swarms went out in the first week of august