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    Honey fermenting

    My (mainly) heather honey likes to ferment in the jar despite my reducing the water content in a dehumidified room before pressing the comb. The only way I have to deal with it is to empty the offending jars into a double pan and pasteurise it. It seriously alters the character of the honey but...
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    interesting what people sell on ebay

    His glass is half full.
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    Where did Summer go?

    Good luck with that. You may get the famous response.
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    Where did Summer go?

    What's a glass?
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    Where did Summer go?

    Do you think it's all over? There are miles of beautiful, purple heather between Bingley and Ilkley and the bees can't get up there because of the cold/wind/rain. What a pain! Steve
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    Did they accept a virgin queen?

    That explains it, then. Thank you for the replies. The bees did not react to her. She just walked down between the frames as if she'd always lived there. I expected that because she did not have the same scent they would treat her as an outsider and attack her. In future I will play it safe and...
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    Wasps already

    My dad used to protest angrily to his neighbour who sat in his garden with an air rifle shooting the sparrows that visited his bean plants. The neighbour just kept on shooting. The sparrows just kept on visiting.
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    Did they accept a virgin queen?

    Months ago I split a colony. The queenless bees above the Snelgrove board steadfastly refused to raise a new queen. I gave them eggs from downstairs and they raised them as workers. Eventually I reunited top and bottom using newspaper (Yorkshire Post) and they fought like Samurai. Next day there...
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    Sugar Syrup at £7.50 a lb

    +1 for madasafish. If he's attracting rats the Environmental Health Department will be very interested, particularly as he's producing food.
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    On the Oregano

    Lovely pictures, Torq. I've just set the second one as my desktop background. Steve
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    WARNING don't spin hot frames

    Please keep contributing. There's always someone who knows better, even when they don't. I've had warm frames collapse in the extractor - very messy. Presently I take off the supers and leave them in the kitchen overnight to cool down. Steve
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    Is it too late to split?

    Thank you for all the replies. Much food for thought. Steve
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    Is it too late to split?

    Hello, What do people think about splitting a colony in West Yorkshire at this time of year? Is it too late? I've noticed a lot of forlorn drones wandering around outside the hives, so I'm thinking it may be all over for this year. All advice will be greatly appreciated. Steve
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    Nosema symptoms !!!

    Made a gallon of thymolated syrup because I read it would reduce nosema. The bees didn't touch a drop of it. Waste of good sugar. Steve
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    Do Snelgrove Boards discourage queen rearing?

    To be honest I've found vertical splitting a bit of a pain. If you want to look at the bottom colony you have to shift the whole of the top one then you have returning foragers panicking because they think the family has moved house and not told them. Not good. I'll be going back to side-by-side...