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    Hello from a newbie.

    Oher, starting to worry now. So your guy said to feed and my guy said to feed so I assume the general advice given to newbies buying nucs is to feed. The general feeling here though seems to be don't feed. I'm starting to get the feeling that contradicotry advice is all part of being new...
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    Hello from a newbie.

    These are all new hives, we put the nucs in on Sunday. The man we bought the nucs off said they are all very young bees and won't be up for full foraging yet, so we should be feeding them. We're not going to be feeding the WBC oot back as they seems to be taking care of themselves no problem...
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    Hello from a newbie.

    Hi there, I've just started beekeeping and I am in the very fortunate position of being taught by my Dad (who learned from his Grandfather). Here is our apiary of 6 hives, and just round the corner we have a rouge WBC that we thought was empty until we discovered has a very fiesty colony...