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    Nucs for Sale Sheffield Area

    Excellent quality Bees for sale. Both Buckfast and Black Bees available. All 5 frame Nucs on both National and Langstroth frames. Collection from South yorkshire. Delivery may be available. please enquire. Dave 07805424348 morebeespleaseuk@gmail.com
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    Beeswax Wanted

    I totally agree, and we make a lot of Cosmetics using our Beeswax and we sell a lot of cosmetics and pride ourselves on our feedback and only use the best Beeswax. However, im after Beeswax for making candles, to burn. Hence, I need it at a rate i can make a living. I also thought id rather...
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    Beeswax Wanted

    In my defence, i did say im happy to pay the going rate. I Honestly dont know what that is, i Just thought £15 per Kg is steep.
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    Beeswax Wanted

    Can buy cosmetic Grade Beeswax from online for £11 per KG from Livemore and a little bit more than that from Soap kitchen. Im not wanting Cosmetic grade from here, as buy that online. Just wanting some for Candles etc.
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    Beeswax Wanted

    Hi mate, tbh im not 100% sure on the going rate. Im ideally looking at about £7 per kg, which is a lot more than i believe thornes and places pay, but like i say, want regular suppliers of it so want everyone to be happy with the price.
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    Beeswax Wanted

    Hi, my mrs has started making candles and due to already making other products we are fast running out of Beeswax. Does anyone have any they want to part with? Happy to pay the going rate, And we are in sheffield but can cover postage or collect. Please pm or ring me, 07805424348 many thanks...
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    Equipment Wanted South Yorkshire

    Hi, and firstly thanks for reading. I am a fairly new Beek with 10 Hives. Last year i loaned equipment from my association for extracting my honey. Going forward I obviously want to purchase my own. I am after an electric extractor, Wax melter, any other wax processing equipment people may...
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    20 frame extractor

    hi is this still available? thanks