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    Hive Security

    I sympathize with your concerns over hive thefts. Even though "camouflage colours" may help to disguise hive boxes, I think that straight lines of hive boxes would still be rather obvious, even if they are painted. If camouflage is necessary/desirable, then I wonder what you and other forum...
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    2nd’s pine boxes

    Thank you Eric for your comment. Well said! Please allow me to say (and I am trying to be modest with my claims) that all of my comments on this subject have been based on experience.
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    2nd’s pine boxes

    Never, Never, NEVER do hot wax dipping inside a building. Wax dipping is safe if you keep within the safe temperature range. For safety reasons, a wax melting vat should have a hinged lid, which can be flipped down easily, and which fits closely over the top of the vat. In this way it would...
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    2nd’s pine boxes

    If we think that petroleum based products should be avoided, then that would eliminate polystyrene boxes, paint (both oil and water based), creosote, and (heaven forbid) "old engine oil". There is no doubt that most beekeepers care very much for their bees, and one of the most important things...
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    Be Boles

    These photos are interesting and fascinating, and certainly seem to indicate the value which was accorded to the bees. But there is another aspect that fascinates me - namely the physical shelter from the weather that these structures gave to the hives and their bees. Is there a lesson here for...
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    2nd’s pine boxes

    Paraffin wax is "inert" in a biological sense, probably in much the same way as is beeswax. I have not been able to observe any adverse effect at all, in housing the bees in wax impregnated boxes. From my observations, wax impregnated wood is completely waterproof. In addition to this, because...
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    2nd’s pine boxes

    You may refer to my previous comments about hot wax dipping, in paraffin wax. My experience seems to indicate that waxing of hive boxes gives far greater protection to the wood than is possible with painting. The reason for this is that painting only treats the surface of the wood, but that...
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    Winter Tip for newcomers - smoker

    You have asked whether the metal may become brittle. I know that the process of hardening steel requires it to be heated to a high temperature, and then cooling it very rapidly. If you heat steel, and let it cool slowly, it will be annealed (become softer and more ductile). The temperatures...
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    Top and bottom bee space

    Thankyou Dani (comment #33) and Philip (comment #47) for your responses.
  10. understanding_bees

    Top and bottom bee space

    Thank you Philip, for your response to my question. I noticed, in comment #11 in this thread, that you said, "I like it because with clear crownboards with a rim I can see the bees walking around on top of the frames when I peer in and that gives me pleasure..... " Can you please clarify...
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    Top and bottom bee space

    I like the idea of being able to see the bees without having to remove the inner cover. You said "8mm BS", I presume you mean 8mm thick clear plastic? Please advise what "BS" is, is it perspex, or polycarbonate, or .... ? Have you found a way to ensure that the bees do not soil the underside...
  12. understanding_bees

    Postal polystyrene jar protectors

    These days, many foodstuffs are packed in jars made of PET plastic, rather than glass jars. I never throw out these types of jars as they can be repurposed for many different kinds of uses. They are much lighter in weight than glass (lower postage costs) and they are virtually unbreakable.
  13. understanding_bees

    what sheet Aluminium roof thickness should I be looking for?

    I have used galvanised steel sheet for hive roof covers. It is far more satisfactory to use a tin snips / shears for cutting thin steel sheet (about 0.7mm thickness), rather than using an angle grinder. I have made a very simple sheet-metal folder by clamping the steel sheet between two pieces...
  14. understanding_bees

    Mouseguards and winter ventilation

    I do not understand your reasons for not liking mouse guards. What size mice live in your area? I have permanent gratings at 6mm spacing in my hive entrance. The bees are able to negotiate the entrance grating easily. Any mouse that can squeeze through that size grating would have to be very...
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    Two pensioners squared up for a fight

    Having seen part of the debacle / debate on TV, I recalled a phrase, "United we stand, divided we fall". My "friend, Dr Google" found the following: "United we stand, divided we fall" is a phrase that can be traced back some 2,600 years to 6th Century B.C. The first attributed use in modern...