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    Making bee candy

    OK boys £5 box 12.5kg of fondant box 80 to a plate delivered free. Halls and son bakery Mr hall TELL 01453 833321 For the hivemaker from Trigger
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    Top 5 tools (power & manual)

    the number 1 tool is a dado blade .and bench saw to take it.????? look on you tube
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    plastic frames

    Mann like that cost you ????????
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    plastic frames

    WARE did you get the plastic foundation
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    plastic frames

    any of you use plastic frames
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    Honey wanted Lancashire

    yes i have got honey (GLOUCESTERSHIRE) £2.50POUND IN 30pound BUCKETS . TRIGGER.
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    Heather flow

    Heather at 1000ft Adam, is the new forest a 1000ft above see lavel. i have hard that if you are not at best you will at best only get a feed, but if you are 900 to 1000ft it yields bast. i what to no if that is right. Hivemaker must no the answer. Trigger.
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    Heather flow

    Heather at 1000ft poly hive do you go to the heather with bees. Trigger
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    Heather flow

    Is it right that HEATHER yields best at 900 to 1000ft above see leval, is that right. Trigger
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    honey buckets

    Hi i am in need of 30 pound honey buckets can any one help i need 50 or 100 at the best price.
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    New Zealand Bees

    Traits Are you shore about that. have you had tham Admin it looks good I will big money for tham £100 + MUST SEE FIRST
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    New Zealand Bees

    brown thorax the queen must have brown thorax.
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    New Zealand Bees

    brown thorax i would like them if thay have brown thorax, do thay.
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    New Beginnings

    Good fun all the best Trigger
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    Good Queens

    Finman what type of Queens do you think are best for the uk. and what type is best to breed tham ??????: Tigger