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    Cornish Honey wanted

    wish u were nearer I have some spare
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    Hive in tree

    I don't quiet get this I keep bees and a pestie why didn't the beekeeper give the tree surgeon a suit and cut the trunk open take the bees comb put in a brood box and then at dusk take them somewhere ????
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    2015 bad mating year

    I have both [HOME MATED AND IMPORTS} and the ones I bought are very good I have never had a drone layer. got 5 more coming in about a week :winner1st::winner1st::winner1st:
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    spray poisoning?

    mine are on 2 farms and I have never had a problem with my bees. is it luck
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    Lincoln bee auctions

    nucs of bees fetched £120 to £180 with one brood box fetching £280 new extractor I think 4 frame fetched £230 brand new hive ceder fetched £90 and usual rubbish some bakers honey £10-00 a 30lb bucket
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    Bees stolen from an Anglesey farm, North Wales Police

    but it was only 3 queens// surely looking through hives at half nine at night to find a queen is a bit daft wouldn't u look in the day when a lot of bees were out foraging?? as I under stand it the hive was stolen sometime before... someone saw someone loading boxes in a car?? was this when the...
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    Bees stolen from an Anglesey farm, North Wales Police

    ha very funny but the question is does the owner know they were pinched?? did the owner actually see them being pinched?? but really 3 queens stolen and 30-000 bees that's 30-003 at half nine at night?? come on im not saying they wernt pinched but the owner says they were how does she...
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    Bees stolen from an Anglesey farm, North Wales Police

    still don't think they were stolen at half nine at night
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    The Great Honey Heist !

    must put my prices up still£3-50 for 12oz
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    pattesons hex jars

    What price u pay for the 300 and what is the price for 500
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    Equipment Sales

    I was going 2 get some but went 4 seconds.. I think nearly all got thirds that wanted them
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    Mouse guards - timing

    don't bother with them
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    A curious season

    been a good year for honey very lucky to have 60 acres of borage 2100 pound off 25 hives still got the heather to come queens???? early ones {may -- june were ok after that some laid for 3 weeks then went missing new queens mated ok just have to see how well they preform next year
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    Heather starting to flower.

    couldn't believe mine when I looked.. only been there 3 weeks and nearly filled 2 supers.., had 2 put a extra one on 3 hives {heres me hoping} will leave till end of month or maybe beginning of oct???