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    polyhives and petrol don't mix

    I was faced a few days ago with a large laying worker colony in one of my polyhives. Queen did come through the winter OK but seemed to diasappear early March. Anyway they stated to lay drones a few weeks back and will not accept any eggs or a new queen. So i decided to destroy them as they had...
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    Renewing journal subscriptions - UK vs US

    I am based in Ireland and my Beecraft subscription is up for renewal next month. Enjoy the publication but it works out pretty expensive when P+P to Ireland is included (around 60 euro per year). My question is do people think it is worth that and have people subscribed to the US publications...
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    Best way to clean frames, apideas etc

    What about if I put frames etc in with a steamer of some sort. Would this clean up frames etc?. Don't really want to mess around with boiling soda's? Small kids around. On another note. How do everyone clean up there cell bar equipment? Cells plus cups.
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    Best way to clean frames, apideas etc

    This question has probably been answered loads of times before but what is the best way to clean old frames of wax, propolis etc. Plus clean up apideas and various plastic bits and pieces. Is it still using washing soda? Does this have to be hot or will cold do? And how long would I need to...
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    Is hawthorn a good source of pollen and nectar?

    I have just extracted two supers worth of a very dark, amberish honey which I am presuming is hawthorn (or whitethorn here in Ireland). I say its whitethorn as that all that was around the hives up until now and I was shown some by an older beekeeper a few years ago. Wonderful rich aroma...
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    Virgin queen above queen excluder

    One of my hives swarmed on 6th May and I left an open queen cell and removed all others as per usual and said I would leave it alone for about 5 weeks for it to get going again. TodayI was checking all the other hives in the vicinity, so I gave this one a small bit of smoke and gave a peep...
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    Beekeeping shops in Poland (Krakow)

    A odd post for my 1st post to the forum. I am a long time browser on the forum and gleaner of other peoples knowledge. This forum and its contents have saved me numerous times. My question is does anyone know of a beekeeping shop in Krakow, Poland. I am going there on holidays and heard from...