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    Supply of Fondant Countrywide

    I know this isn't actually what the thread wants but I got my fondant from my local independent baker. I asked her to get me fondant and told her what is was for. I know exactly what you want she said. When it arrived it was Fondabee at £13 for 12.5 KG That seems easier and reasonably cheap...
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    Risk Assesments

    It shouldn't be too difficult or onerous to do the risk assessments yourself. As has been pointed out they are only written evidence of common sense. Follow 5 steps. Identify the hazard, a hazard is anything that may cause harm, such as chemicals, electricity, working from ladders, an open...
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    Fondant and TBH

    My TBH has a pitched roof (I think that is the correct term it slopes both ways from the middle). This leaves a good amount of space above the bars. I have made an eke to fit over the cluster and under the roof. I also have some "shims" which I use to make the space between bars large in the...
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    Marine ply

    A wild colony survived (or at least the site was continuously occupied) in the sand stone arch over a gateway to the castle in our village. They were there for many years until the arch needed renovated and the void was no longer accessible.
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    Biscuit joiner

    Try your friendly local saw mill as opposed to the DIY "Sheds" I have never had any trouble getting Cedar in 12"+ sizes from mine.
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    Butterflies 'more endangered than tigers’

    Agreed if I had space. However that would on the current showing only mean 20 butterflies. A year or two ago I would have expected that on each bush on a good day.
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    Butterflies 'more endangered than tigers’

    THose of you seening butterflies are lucky! I don't think I have seen more than a dozen all "summer" (I use the word advisedly). Two budhlia bushes and only 2 so far.
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    My friend wasn't a medical professional he was passing by and helped out as best he could and yes he was cross examined at the inquest. For the record it wasn't the first time had had been in a situation of having to administer CPR.
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    I have a friend who administered first aid to a boy who collapsed and wasn't breathing and eventually was declared dead (From a congenital heart condition). At the inquest he had to undergo serious cross examination and the implication that because his qualification was 6 months out of date he...
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    How Much is Your Honey?

    That will be the gateway to the south then.
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    General Husbandry

    I know nothing about the exam and considering so many haven't got a good word to say about the BBKA a lot appear to take the exams. However what interests me is the difference between what is said above and what Simoncav says "No list of points to work on No encouragement to try again Just two...
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    Not to mention less irritating to you!
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    Olympic Opening Ceremony

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    The umpire's decision is final......

    :iagree: Which has to be a miracle my wife says I never agree with anyone!
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    Top Bar Hive

    A local independent wood yard usually is prepared to supply the wood to your requirements (size wise). Cedar for my 48" TBH (sides, ends, legs and top bars) came to £35 - 40. 1" thick sides and ends, 4 X 3 legs.