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    nuc wanted north yorks/lancs/cumbria

    Hello I lost my bees this winter, have 1 nuc on the way as part of the village project but would like my own so that I have 2 hives. I am in the southern Dales but happy to travel. Thanks Rachelle
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    Larger than average hornets.

    oh nasty looking beasts....i got a shock recently with a wood wasp flying about near the hive but they are even more mean looking.
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    Laying worker update

    thanks guys steep learning curve me thinks!
  4. tedandagnes

    Laying worker update

    the plan was always to reunite them all back together but we thought we would leave them for a while after they swarmed to see if we could get a newly mated queen but that didn't seem to pan out. How would i know if i had a DLQ, I assumed it was a laying worker as I hadn't spotted a quuen &...
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    Laying worker update

    Just had a quick check & definately got a laying worker so my plan is as follows & I would be really grateful for any advice or comment as I am really new to this Thanks hive 1 - prime swarm, old queen still laying aprox 1 frame of brood (capped & lavae)spread over 2 frames small number of...
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    Laying workers what to do...(long post)

    1st swarm issued on 12th Aug 2nd swarm - 21st Aug Unfortunately the eggs wers around the top & sides which makes me think laying workers.
  7. tedandagnes

    Laying workers what to do...(long post)

    hi there very new beekeeper here & would be very grateful for some advice. Got Nuc of bees at end of June from thornes was told was this years queen but she was marked with white dot & had a clipped wing, other 5 nucs in the group weren't marked or clipped. Seemed to be going along swimmingly...