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    How to unite a with a hive with supers on – advice please!

    Could you put the four supers under hthe brood box/qx and then unite. Switch it around a few days later to brood on bottom supers on top
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    Study finds no wild bees left in England/Wales

    Maintaining low varroa levels is probably the wording you should have used so as not to upset all the people who don't treat
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    moving bees close to other apiaries

    Whereabouts in Ireland are you? Don't know of any proper commercial beeks
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    how many hives is to much

    Started off helping the grandfather, he had about 150 hives at the time and looking back it was the way to go, there was none of this messing around just a no nonsense approach
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    Need to kill off one of my hives

    @gregior what area are you in? Maybe someone on here is close by
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    Why have they swarmed?

    There doesn't seem to be anything you could do. Have seen the odd hive swarm here leaving only eggs
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    No fun being a bee farmer

    how many hives do you keep at an apiary on average? Think this will hinder further expansion for you unless your getting 15-20 hives at a spot
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    optimal forage theory

    you should be able to tell this by counting the amount of supers on your hives
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    Advice Re Apiary location

    They won't overheat, they will be fine for winter even if shaded
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    will I or won't I open on great weather

    I'd check if I was you had a good few hives building cells here after the wet weather
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    Varrora mites

    @op when you say full of varroa what do you actually mean. Do they just have mites or is it a very high drop rate
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    Spring beans for bees??

    a lot of lads are thinking of using it instead of osr because of poor prices.
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    Virgin queens?

    don't forget when a queen leaves with no eggs, larvae or q cells as well
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    Culling hives - options?

    if you've a more than one hive there you might as well shake them all out or combine with another hive
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    optimal forage theory

    They could be on the brambles close to the hives, but 10m is a very small area so they would definitely have to go further afield anyway. Its also possible brambles aren't yielding yet even though flowers out and also possible not enough out to get bees attention