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    Plant ID Please

    Hi Roche It looks like a Solanum to me. Regards JD
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    Thank heavens that's over

    Don't have this problem with a long MD hive.
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    Nucs wanted

    Hi all I'm trying to find two Nucs, one for my brother in law in Dartford Kent and another for a friend in Truro Cornwall. I was hoping to supply them myself but have had a few problems this year with my bees. If anyone can help that would be great :sos: Thanks JD
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    Patchy brood advice - MAQ or Q problem?

    Hi Had a very similar problem in three hives after using Maq's, no new brood, no sign of eggs, and a lot of dead bees, queen's looked healthy, so I let them get on with it, hives are now strong. (treated in March) The rest of my hives (4) were all ok after treatment I will never use Maq's ever...
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    Smoker Fuel

    Hi I don't use any smoke, just a fine mist of water. Give it a try.
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    Wasps from hell

    Hi all Found a queen wasp hanging around my hives yesterday, looks like they could be starting early
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    My birds have come back

    Have 4 Oven birds that have taken up residence in the garden
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    wanted Swarm or Nuc in cornwall

    I do hope your not referring to me:hairpull:
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    wanted Swarm or Nuc in cornwall

    Hi I have a couple of complete hives for sale.
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    Nuc wanted West Cornwall

    Hi Helstoon I have three hives for sale, I am in Camborne Regards John D
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beekeeper.

    Me thinks this is a honey trap:party:
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    Plant identification please

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    Waspsnot in Cornwall this year YET

    Hi all killed a lot of queen wasps in spring, only seen a couple of workers so far, my traps are out just in case.:party:
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    Hi all I only use sugar water with vanilla extract, just drip it onto the frames. only had two stings over the last three years
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    Swarm Collectors List

    Hi icanhopit Try contacting Lisa Hackett of the newly formed Kit hill group, [email protected] regards John D