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    bbc inside out south west

    Answer to Michael Palmer and others outside the UK BBC programs are generally not available outside the UK and are usually only available within the UK for about 4 weeks. However, someone has been kind enough to add the film clip on Face Book making it available all over the world using the...
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    Import of NZ bees into UK

    Sorry, from articles I've read I thought you used AI. Would this not get round the problem? with virgins from a resistant breeder colony and drones from another, surely the number of generations needed would be greatly reduced? Even without the new apiaries, there must be many other colonies in...
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    Import of NZ bees into UK

    Skyhook, In my case I am not just a breeder of queens; I am attempting to breed hygienic queens that need testing for their hygienic potential before allowing them to be used as breeder queens in the public domain. To this end is my plan to involve more beekeepers in the evaluation, the...
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    Import of NZ bees into UK

    In reply to Skyhook ...I would love dearly to be churning out 1000's of queens but this would cost £000's for mating nukes and other equipment, (want to finance it?) My pension won't run to that yet. Perhaps it will after April when I get a substantial rise in my state pension for my 80th...
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    Import of NZ bees into UK

    Is the Co-op bee-ing misled or just don't care? I too have not had the time to read all the stuff on the forum, but what arrogant tosh is concealed in the (BEE FARMER INVOLVED (BFI)) reply to criticism of his and the Co-op’s plans to put 300 hives on two southern locations. I feel he even...