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    Lightweight bee suits?

    I am looking for a couple of lightweight jackets for visitors to my appiary
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    Natural varoa treatment

    Hi folks not been on her for a while. I read somewhere using rhubarb leafs on top of the frames helps with varoa treatment
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    Dead colony,

    Dead colony, the end frame covered in a greyish brown dust. Any ideas?
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    Artificial swarm does it work

    Artificial swarm new method this year Remove queen and place her in a new hive on her own, temporary seal entrance. Split the 1st hive including swarm cells to nuc boxes to create new colonies Remove first hive The flying bees should fly to the queen I added frames with food on and shook some...
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    Wooden honey press

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    Email requesting subscriptions due

    Nope Just a random email
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    Email requesting subscriptions due

    I have recieved an email from this forum apparently to pay yearly subscription!!:hairpull:
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    First inspection

    Winter stores in frames First full inspection today. Lots of frames with winter stores in Do I remove and clear out to make room for honey or leave a while longer. Cells are solid, no OSR around here yet
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    Making nucs for increase

    Just read through the link thanks. Quick question, when splitting hives in various ways, why kill off the emergency queen cells in the new colonies?
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    extractor modification...

    I have purchased the exact same extractor The outside of the drum is polished, inside not, so a dull grey colour Also it is not magnetic so would indicate stainless steel (but not exclusively) and fit for food use As for bridging the gap in the cage, I've attached elastic bands temporarily to...
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    Drone Comb

    Checked one of the hives yesterday, not quite the weakest, to find a laying worker. Over 5 frames of sealed drone comb. No sign of any queen. Is this colony now doomed as I have read. Can I add a frame from another hive with eggs or unite with another colony or any other way of saving the...
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    Eggs in nuc today

    Went through 1 of my hives yesterday evening. spotted a laying worker and only drone comb. Is this hive now doomed or can I add a frame of eggs from a nother hive?
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    need to do AS - but can't find queen.

    I have a very full brood box, 2 weeks ago I have put on a second brood box. I swapped a frame from the bottom to the new bb to temped them up. The bottom brood box is still full and they don't seem to want to populate the upper box. I intend to remove a frame with eggs 1with sealed brood food...
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    mouse gaurd ?

    Mouse guard/beefondant
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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Building a topbar hive. Almost complete. Sorry its what I've been doing and using PVA