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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to everyone and may 2012 bring you a gentle time.
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    Best Christmas Present?

    I got a hive and a Nuc. Stunned. I asked for hive bits. Literally, a lift or a super etc. Nit the whole thing. And I also got a skep. I am very humbled this christmas. I was spoilt rotten. I am sitting here writing this as Christmas dinner is leaving me .... Merry Christmas everyone. Mom got a...
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    What do you keep in your freezer?

    No not fossils Pete. Bone. But yeah in your circumstance it matters little and if it works for you then what i say is irrelevant pretty much lol.
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    What do you keep in your freezer?

    For whatever reason I had to find out how to preserve but also clean a skull. Searching endless taxidermy forums the results were - boiling is fine if you don't care. However if you want a specimen or a good result that lasts for years and produces museum grade skulls - domestid Beatle. Look it...
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    What do you keep in your freezer?

    No no no. Don't boil them heads and bleach. Omg. Boiling damages them. Can crack them and makes them brittle. Domestid Beatles will clean every last scrap and keep the nasal bones intact. Much more better. Or bucket of water and leave submerged. Every so often tip away and refill. Much gentler...
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    A very worthwhile petition

    Is she dead? Sign that petition - yep - it's attempting to be sincere but it is blatantly obvious. I don't think it will be another diana day, I could be wrong but I very much doubt it. More like the scene out if Pirates of the Carribean after jack has gotten the imprint of the key from the...
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    Am I soft or what?!

    Dr Evil I presume .....
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    Height of Swarm

    Christ this pic loaded sideways. The trees look like Coastal cliff trees and it looked for a minute like the ladder was horizontal out over the cliff. I was like "this guy doesn't have b@lls he has bin bags and then some to shuffle out on that. Then I realised. Yup a fall from that height would...
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    The legend of the riot dog

    I woofed think that he hound that if you cant beat them join them was the way to appooch the situation. Dastardly things riots. Weimaraner he didnt just poodle off and play with a toy I dont know. But with a springer in his tail he did not paws for anything and just got in the thick of it. He...
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    The legend of the riot dog

    Bl**dy brilliant. I love dogs and that dog is beautiful. Someone will rescue it now for sure. On a sadder note but no less a hero, Chris Hitchins has died. Passed away after a long battle with cancer.
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    magpie callers??

    No you are correct. You can only have naked Jay Birds.
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    The fox has had my Quail

    Blimey thats a lot of fence lol and thanks for the offer! Amazing how nature thwarts us isnt it lol. Like squirrels. True survivors. not worthy
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    The fox has had my Quail

    Yep its obviously an issue. If thats how they are getting in. I'm assuming you have witnessed them getting over it this way. The only thing you could do is arch it outwards in case they are climbing it or make it higher, or tie plastic bottles along it to thwart their grip as these would roll as...
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    The fox has had my Quail

    Controversially if I had chickens and a fox yaffled them all I would berate myself for being a poor keeper of livestock and endeavour to make my stock fencing suitable to the environment needed. Instead of forcing the environment to adapt around my wants and needs. More work in the beginning...
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    magpie callers??

    Hi Cumbrian, wow a mink possibly. Ill have to get the wellies on and have a look at its nest. Its in some reeds on the edge of the pond. Well thats where the squealing was coming from. Or if its a rat it would be ok, but id like it to be a mink lol. Never seen one that I know of. The stoat was...