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    Bonjour from France. Wise words needed please.

    I have a friend marilyn who owns the bar restaurant in chateaubriant we are moving to the limousin by bellac 10th may retiering from work tommorow cant wait
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    Bonjour from France. Wise words needed please.

    what area in france are you FleurBleue :welcome:
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    and its goodnight from me

    we have got a house in the haute vienne department 87 between Bellac and le Dorat sheer heaven no alarms no sirens no crime no yobs no litter and nothing but rivers lakes and woods bee keepers heaven
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    and its goodnight from me

    thanks for the replies i will keep an eye on the forum between the odd cold beer but at 56 its time for me to be put out to grass lol good luck all
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    and its goodnight from me

    After being a member on this site for a number of years we are off to sunnier climes moving to sw france in may so sold all my equipment hives and bees so will be starting all over again from May looking forward to it and being retired i should have more time when I get my new french bees (hope...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    spent my day getting all my hives ready to sell as they are all national and we are moving to france in may
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    this season's yield

    not a good year just managed to get about 80lb good job i dont do it for a living
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    just been on the site put my card details in twice and each time it came back "fatal error" just hope it hasnt cost me
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    Bramble Nectar Flow on

    we have got blackberry still in bud and flower plus a lot of privet in flower so still got a flow on
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Oh and the bees in the swarm or the stragglers anyway were all very dark almost black bees
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Just been to a neibours two doors away " got a massive swarm in my small cherry tree " so I got suited and booted sorted out a nuc to put them in lit my smoker and went around ! No massive swarm but about 1/200 stragglers to be told they have been there for two days I lit the barbecue under them...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    first full day of work in weeks a big swarm in the garden i must have missed a queen cell on my last inspection caught it, hived, it how lucky am I lol.
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    Worst Start to a Season I Can Remember ??

    same here four hives in the garden two building up nicely two not building up at all but hardley any honey in any of them :calmdown:
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    Not stocking Troway Hall/Medibee honey anymore - Looking for a new honey supplier.

    i sell my honey and a local beekeepers honey in my BUTCHERS shop because different people like different honeys :facts: