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    Honey Flow

    Yep, the girls have been going great:hurray: One prime swarm picked up end of may is on its fourth super, all the others are on 2-3. Extracting this weekend, i recon on 12-14 supers:party: Ian
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    grey Pollen

    Hi, I have a large area of self set ground which is wall to wall purple self set poppys, every morning it is alive with bees! 5-6 bees in each flower! Also about a mile away we have 3 large red poppy fields,:) I have noticed lage amounts of grey and black pollen in my hives, and it ties in...
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    Is it me or has it gone 'swarm mad'?

    Have managed to pick 6 swarms up in and around west berks, north wilts since the 2nd week of may! Lucky to be good friends with some pest control people in the local area, so get first dibbs:) And managed to re home a few bumble nests too (which was fun!) put one at the bottom of my garden, Ian
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    Just a quick hello!

    Many thanks for all your warm welcomes! even though i have collected a good number of hives, im still really getting to grips with the whole beekeeping thing, so there will be many questions to follow:laughing-smiley-014 It just seems never ending, the amount of things to do at this time of...
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    Just a quick hello!

    Well he is due to retire end of september, and i have mentioned he should make a few and start selling them next year! but he seems a bit reluctant:( Due to the price of timber, and the time it takes him ( about week and half for hive with 2 supers) he doesnt think they would sell! or would...
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    Just a quick hello!

    Hi all, Just a quick "hello" as a new bee, My name is Ian and have been lurking in the background for a while, I am into my 3rd year with my beloved bees! and it has really taken over my life to say the least!!!! A friend of mine got me started, and now im on my 11th hive! I came out of the...