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    Where to buy hives

    I agree with you. They look well made and the misses couldn't complain. Would make sure that it's put on a stable base though either some paving stones or a bit of concrete. A hive full up would add to some weight.
  2. spikespearman

    Trick Entrence Nuke

    I think the beekeeper must be back in my area. They tend to move around here traveling to different locations with their bees. Last year I built my first TBH, and used lemon grass scent and swarm pheromone, sure enough some bees defected and I ended up with 2 colonies but the first colony was...
  3. spikespearman

    This years "Cock Up's"

    Yes, the totty would have at least taken your mind off the pain... to be honest it happened to me but only two got in, I managed to flush 1 out and I had to squash the second into my shoulder before he locked on to the carbon dioxide coming from mouth and nose..prefer the shoulder than on on the...
  4. spikespearman

    This years "Cock Up's"

    Would have liked to see number 5...I know it's cruel to watch people suffer...but sometimes it can be real funny. :D
  5. spikespearman

    Queenless Hive

    Hi kazmcc, Yes i did identify the cause. You can also see a pic I put up today of hive two's comb on the topbar. bee-smillie
  6. spikespearman

    What do you think about dead bees?

    Hi I'm glad that so many people are at least trying to help the bees. I'm a newbe the same as you, and have gone through the bees comb being devoured by grubs because the hive entrance was a bit big, but then I've watched videos of the pros on line and they are honest about the loss of whole...
  7. spikespearman

    Just had an interesting phone call.

    I would try to get them now, your friend might decide to press ahead, and an effort to save them is better than none at all...I reckon.
  8. spikespearman

    Do beekeepers help undermine a bees defence?

    Hi everyone, I was watching a couple of videos about Japanese bee keepers that were using the European honey bee because it was capable of producing twice the amount of honey as the native Japanese honey bee. The problem came when 30 Japanese giant hornets decided to take on a hive of 30,000...
  9. Hive2Comb...Queeny2 got moving and produced this nice bit of comb.

    Hive2Comb...Queeny2 got moving and produced this nice bit of comb.

  10. Hive 2...A bit smaller than 1.

    Hive 2...A bit smaller than 1.

  11. spikespearman

    Queenless Hive

    Hi kazmcc....Thanks....yes I guess it was lucky..I just thought I'll build a hive.. the bees usually are keen on the hedging flowers so they should come across it on their travels...I didn't have to do any swarm catching or anything they just moved in. :lurk5:
  12. Hive1..click on picture

    Hive1..click on picture

  13. Hive 1

    Hive 1

    My first TBH...and all made from unwanted pallets. :) The orange coloured thing on each support post is a plastic bottle turned upsidedown, fitted onto the post with silicone, smeared with grease and lased with chilli to discourage ants and other crawlers. Click on photo for more info.
  14. spikespearman

    Queenless Hive

    No...I've seen those little sods on youtube.... what i found on one of the combs was a much bigger black amoured plated S.O.B...I reduced the entrance size after and solved the problem, but I guess it had already done its dastardly deed. Unseen to my naked eyes.