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    Frame storage.

    for few hives its mybee good, but for 500 supers frames +???
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    Wax capping vodka - anyone done this??

    then now I know,why I join beekeeping. finaly I know what to do with leftover after honey harvest 🤩
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    Number of hives sustained by OSR

    usely its one strong hive best double brood box with tower of suppers per 5 acre
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    Advice needed re defensive hive requeening

    thanks to god I've been sure becomes craziness. i have exactly same reasults ,bees attacks everything including hot parts of the smoker touch by oilbias. not even mention what happened with my veil 😱,forehead smear with it.
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    Wax moth larvae in honey extractor

    just remove larvae and forget about it.
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    Ideas on what this is ?

    everybody has covid now , but what's happened with flu and flu like symptoms ???? miraculously gone from earth forever?? 😁
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    Ideas on what this is ?

    it is honeydew honey???
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    Disappearing eggs from test frame.

    Hi Armpitjam do you are 100% sure you knocked down all queen cells??? your story sound like one queen cell survived,bees are very inventive hiding them. then you introduced new queen,without serious interest by bees because maybe they had virgin queen somwhere hiding. and keep those queens...
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    Weekly inspections

    my last inspection was two weeks ago,didn't seen any more queen cells. today inspect all my colonys ,no queen cells detected,in my case i think extend inspection time table to 3÷4 weeks apart all 11 colonies has full of brood double brood boxes and 4 or 5 supers,because I'm not using queen...
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    Fondant sources

    its,two types fondant hard and soft ?? which one is good? I dont want experimenting thank you
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    Ventilated Bee Suit.

    28" its flat wide dimension I have 42" around my chest and useing size L
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    Ventilated Bee Suit.

    if this help i use those jacket and because my bees become demanding this year i need to get this full suit and also use shorts under very comfy and zero sweat,
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    Just for some fun.... an excuse to smile.

    thats something about are hobbies 😁
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    Just for some fun.... an excuse to smile.

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    Apiary density with 10km

    where on beebase I can find map with interesting me land please