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  1. simonwig

    Honey extraction shopping list 😁

    Hi Checkout Honey bucket tipper - The Apiarist Easy to make and very useful. Simon
  2. simonwig

    National Honey Monitoring Scheme

    Thanks Dani Will see if I can make any sense of it in the morning. Simon
  3. simonwig

    National Honey Monitoring Scheme

    Is there a direct link between pollen ratio and nectar ratio? Be interesting to read more. Simon
  4. simonwig

    500mm x 500mm excluder?

    To be fair to Simon, the website does offer returns up to 30 days after you've received them. Perhaps Poly Hive can clarify the gap between receipt and request to return. Simon (no relation)
  5. simonwig

    Selling honey from the hives in the UK

    Hope so, it's what I do (and many commercial products use them). Simon
  6. simonwig

    National Honey Monitoring Scheme

    Scuppers the 3 feet or 3 miles rule....
  7. simonwig

    National Honey Monitoring Scheme

    Hi Last years results have been posted. It would be interesting to see what the top pollen sources were and any oddities from anyone else who took part. For my June 21 sample, Wood forget-me-not 56%, Wild Garlic 11%, Sycamore 9% and Ilex perado 6% For my August 21, White Clover, 32, Wild...
  8. simonwig

    Eggs not hatching

    Slightly longer than a week. They had plenty of pollen in store and plenty of bees but added a decent shake of nurse bees, no change. She's still laying eggs and nothings happening to them, so it is the fence post. I also tried giving one of her frames to another hive to see what happened, and...
  9. simonwig

    Hive stand

    Hi I've done the same (based on the Apiarist article), 500mm for my Nucs, but I've used shorter jacks, 300mm for my hives as I prefer them lower, and they're slightly cheaper. I used 75X75, 2.4m fence posts as they were cheaper than 4X2 from my cheapest timber supplier. Simon
  10. simonwig

    Eggs not hatching

    I can add a frame of pollen, so again worth a try. I'll update in a week. Simon
  11. simonwig

    Eggs not hatching

    Worth a shake in, they started with a a frame of emerging brood, but they are ageing. Simon
  12. simonwig

    drawing frames

    See @Black Mountain Honey video with a different view. Simon
  13. simonwig

    Eggs not hatching

    Thanks She was raised using Cupkit, all the other queens (that survived mating flights) on 3 or 4 capped frames now.
  14. simonwig

    Eggs not hatching

    Hi I've a newly raised queen, saw eggs first on 13 June. She's laying, not prolifically, but none of the eggs are hatching. She's laid up on two frames, about 1/4 of each side. Nearly all single eggs at the bottom of the cell, very occasionally 2 eggs I did spot a couple of larvae once, but...
  15. simonwig

    Advice for a (fairly) newbie!

    Hi I'm just north of Leeds, LS21, so not too close, but you're welcome to a frame of eggs and young larvae if you can get over. Simon