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    Cleaning frames and reusing?

    This early, I'd suggest not going with brood and a half. I think its a waste of time and makes manipulations tedious. Single or double brood is better, imo.
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    2 Queens in 1 hive - both DLQ

    If they are dwarf drones they won't have been laid by the Queen. (I stand to be corrected) Find the queens, knock them on the head, put eggs in, and reduce the number of drones that have been capped, (opportunity to see what the varroa count is)
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    Bee heads?

    mice/shrew. Had it happen last year. No bodies in the hive, but found heads a few feet away in a mouse nest.
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    Roof Type

    WBC's are fine (I have 5) The more you have, the more their failings show. Inspections take twice as long Expensive Nationals are more flexible for swarm control, use of Horsley boards etc. But I do like the look of WBC's and are generally warmer, and are left alone by woodpeckers. Pays yer...
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    Module 3 results

    Does your association need a new tutor? Just wondering.
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    Lost hive

    It happens, they stave even when food is available, sometimes they don't move onto the full frames if it gets to cold.
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    Hives near playground

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    Hives near playground

    And with a Bentley that's important ;)
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    Hives near playground

    Personally, I wouldn't site it anywhere near a kids playground, others might think differently.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    No rain, bit of Sun, hoped for a bit of frost, but I'm away for two weeks so I went for the oxalic acid treatment. Five hives all with a good cluster, dosed and checked fondant at the same time. Such a pleasing sight to see the bees survive the winter. (But I know we're not out the wood yet)
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    Badger threat

    A badger dug out a wasp nest in my garden a couple of years ago.
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    Help: WASPS in the Bee Shed!

    Do you know any local anglers, they like them for bait? Grubs on the hook, the nest for groundbait.
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    no drones in hive

    One of my hives is devoid of drones, watched them being booted out yesterday. Ground outside is covered with them.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Stood watching the girls kicking out the drones. Winter on it's way.