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    Buckfast breeder queen

    And as far local adaptation is concerned and the old dispute wich bee is the "best", there is a very clear example: In China, Japan, India etc. they have a native bee, which is immune to Nosema, Varroa, Tropilaelaps, Vespa mandarinia.... and YET everybody uses the vulnerable apis mellifera.
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    Buckfast breeder queen

    Yep, theoretically almost imposible to be achieved just in one generation. That is why selecting the best indivuduals every generation and hoping the next will be better it is a neverending process. For the creation of Thoroughbred were used, every generation, only stallions wich were...
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    Buckfast breeder queen

    I see where you going here. This aproach is probably useful IF you want a pony to remain a pony (externally). BUT if you want to get a champion horse that wins at almost every horse race, you must choose parents that actually WERE champions almost every time at almost every horse race. (A small...
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    Buckfast breeder queen

    You folks, live in THE country where the Thoroughbred horse breed was created, and still can't get the idea what buckfast breeding is all about!!!
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    change of colour

    It is normal. The same apply for the Italian queens as well. I cannot say for other light coloured be races.
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    Hygienic behaviour - natural selection

    Here you will find the answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txZtQrMTeag
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    short video how it used to be done part1

    beekeeping from the past https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pggTFfmyfRI
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    Quick dead outs by varroa

    BUT HOWEVER the main reason is a big varroa load and I just here tell what may happen when you believe that your hives manage with varroa Just in case if anyone had missed this one http://scientificbeekeeping.com/sick-bees-part-8-time-for-a-paradigm-shift/
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    Quick dead outs by varroa

    You can call it whatever you like - CCD, absconding, disappearing, sudden death .... the end result is the same - massive losses when the first wave hits, no matter what the exact reason or HOW ( inside or outside the hives) or WHEN ( before the winter, mid-winter or in the early spring) they...
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    Quick dead outs by varroa

    There were no dead bees on floor. As empty as empty is. Boath hives had large brood areas in frames where were uncapped brood and partly emerged bees and what ever. The brood was chilled becasue colony did not have nurser bees enough in September. SO, the CCD finally reached your country...
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    When I was starting in the beekeeping I was taught that i should not use a second super over the Dadant hive( the skies woud collapse or some other bad thing would happen - so wrong) The Langsthrots are not very popular here, especially amongst the elder beekeepers). There is a common belief...
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    Those many factors affecting mite reproduction

    Ha ha, i see the Konya hive is mentioned. Some people got their deep pockets filled with money from selling it ( at one time it was sold for 300+ euro/each in Bulgaria), before everybody to find out that this hive is a fraud. Others were forced to eat the most expensive honey in the WORLD by...
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    Varroa-Virus Interaction in Collapsing Honey Bee Colonies

    This is for you Finman, my friend, it has just arrived in my mailbox. I see you enjoy the dingging into scietific papers http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ele.12188/pdf
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    - Selecting what ---> good layers and good pastures. I see where you are going. So they gave varied amount of crop because they were on a different location. I am used to think the opposite way - i search the poorest environment and then i keep my eye for the best hives. The selection is...
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    Apimondia 2013

    Good question, but I doubt that it will ever win any competitions. Yep. Before the New Zealand scientists to rise it to the top of the luxury honeys, the manuka was nothing more of just a second class junk honey. The leatherwood from Tasmania is much much better.