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    Bees and Thunder (VLF sound)

    But what a great show we had at 3.30am. Sounded like a train going through!
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    Move to Dordogne

    Many thanks MJBee. We will be renting in Busserolles for about six months from April whilst we make up our minds whether to buy in France or not, we know the area pretty well. Have already washed the suit in readiness and I would love to keep my hand in. Andy
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    Move to Dordogne

    Thank you I will pm you. Andy
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    Move to Dordogne

    Hi folks, We are moving, on a temporary basis at first, to the Dordogne. A beek mate is going to babysit whilst we make up our minds whether to make a permanent move. Are there any keepers in northern Dordogne in the area of Piegut Pluviers on the forum that I could link in with from April until...
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    Has anyone used bags of sugar in place of fondant for over winter feed? Andy
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    Welcome back, Finman

    Welcome home old bean.
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    Welcome back Finman, most of us missed you. In a funny sort of way!
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    Penny B. here is the link. http://www.beekeepingforum.co.uk/video.php?do=viewdetails&videoid=96
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    If you use the search facility on the forum there are recipes on here. I'm with the Doc on this though, no mess or fuss just buy it. Andy
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    OSR Nantwich

    On the way back from friends in Cheshire yesterday I drove past Nantwich and in a village just outside Nantwich there was a field of OSR in full flower. You lucky beeks in that area will no doubt be saving a few pounds on syrup this year.
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    Quick syrup mixer

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    Thanks. Got the picture.
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    I know I'm sometimes a bit slow on the uptake but what's happened to the Finman? Andy
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    Angry after MAQS

    :iagree: I'm with Enrico on this. Next year I'm going to treat earlier. A
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    Cleaning off Wax

    :iagree: I use the wire ones and clean them up with a blow torch. Don't know what to suggest regarding your extractor though, not had that problem but I wouldn't use soda crystals on it as it will react with the steel I guess. Andy