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    Evil personified

    Bad bee's As to the nasty bee's, they do say that a second mating of a inseminated queen colonys can be nasty. As far as smoker fuel goes, I use rotten oak, dry lavender cuttings and or dry bay leaves, works for me
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    removing Supers

    If you leave as brood and a half, fit the same amount of frames in as the brood box. rowbow
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    Sugar at great price.

    Costco sell 15 1kg bags at £8.25p John
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    Queen excluder washing

    QE cleaning Scrape off as much as possible wire brush,then use gas torch bugs dead wax fills gaps in in frame and protects wood. John
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    cleaning round plastic fast feeders

    Have you tried Turps/white spirits then wash. John
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    Do you cover or leave open your crown board holes

    Hole closed I use glass crown boards the hole is covered with a piece of glass, if you put a wire mesh over the hole they gum it up, The hives are on mesh floors so they don't want a through draft. John
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    Smell of mouldy cheese/dirty socks

    Not the best of flavours, but smells OK, but you can not guarantee it's 100% dandelion. John
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    Smell of mouldy cheese/dirty socks

    Its the right time of the year for dandelion's, foul smelling nectar, once it becomes mature it stop smelling, take a frame out and smell the stores, hopefully that's the problem. Regards John
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    Top 100 List!

    25 peak cap to keep Vail away from nose :eek:
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    Extractor lubrication

    Vaseline will not run out, clean out after every session. John
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    Confused bees outside base of nuclues

    It could be problems with wax glands? John
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    Single queen cell - supersedure or swarming?

    She mite not have been fully mated it happens a lot if the weather is bad. John
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    Inspection routine

    Try using manipulation cloths keeps them a calmer. John
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    Searching for old book - need help identifying

    Could it be the ABC and XYZ of bee culture AI and ER Root 1929. John
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    what can be done

    learn by your mistakes, improve on your next batch, save your money for the bits you can not make, good job. John