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    Auction site?

    dpearce4, The suit on the forum site is more expensive than the price you see on the website is becuase the website price has yet to have VAT added. Regrads, Rourkie
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    ideas please

    hi can you reach them with a bevac? regards rourkie
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    Honey Creamer

    Have a look in B&Q or similar for paint mixer or a plaster mixer. regards rourkie
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    Apidea red mesh

    The large red mesh is for ventilation the queen excluder mesh is for the feeder the other one fits inside over the entrance fixed with a drawing pin so it can slide and shuts the queen in as it qe size regards jim
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    Burco Boiler

    collected by courier £15.00 job done
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    Over-wintered nucs

    hi if you think you need more space on these nucs why not make a couple of five frame bodies out of cheap ply and put them on top, only need to remove crown board for seconds, regards rourkie
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    Secondhand hives

    Hi stealth why would you want to discard you wbc they are perfectly good for keeping bees in. biggest draw back is moving them. if you feel the bb is to small go to 14x12 bb. if nothing else put them on ebay you will be suprised what they are worth and will give you some cash to buy the hive you...
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    Poly Langstroth versus Poly National

    try highland bee supplies they sell a polly national regards rourkie
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    New Brood Boxes

    hi john welcome to the forum. im in castle douglas are you near regards rourkie
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    Admins auction site

    hi I know there is an option to donate to the forum thats my point there is no option in the poll to make a donation to the auction, an if charges are introduced surely it becomes a business with all thats involved.regards jim
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    Admins auction site

    hi you have a range of options in your poll but not make a contribution, thats how the forum works, what will happen to profits . and does admin want a fee regards jim
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    hives stolen Derbyshire

    hi I have been looking at personal attack alarms would be easy to fit to a hive, 120 to 140 dcp for upto 10 min cost about fiver,easy to fit to a hive and stand activates when pin is pulled, enough to put people off .cheap enough for fitting to each hive, what are peoples thoughts.regards rourkie
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    Top v bottom bee space

    hi Im not sure what the advantages or dis advantages are ,i have kept bee with top and bottom bee space, if you want to change take off frame runners and use a plunge router and fence to take out 6mm deep from the rebate ,you will need to use a chisel in the corners. there should be no nails in...
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    The Beehive Cluster

    hi i can see mars. the moons to bright to see anything else, and i live in galloway. thanks for that, regards rourkie