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    Help with a book needed.....

    Hi all, Does anyone have a copy of this book that they would wish to part with ? BREEDING TECHNIQUES AND SELECTION FOR BREEDING OF THE HONEYBEE by Friedrich Ruttner. I have downloaded a copy from the BIBBA (member) website but the download only has the text (no diagrams / pics etc). Plus, it can...
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    Beekeepers Professions

    Thanks for the 'likes' people. Glad you all enjoyed the read.
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    Beekeepers Professions

    It’s really interesting to know that the cross section of UK beekeepers is so diverse in nature. Policemen, Engineers, Military Service personnel, Therapists, Joiners, Immigration officers, Horticulturalists, Cyber security trainer, Veterinary surgeons, Software developer (all either Fully...
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    Slightly brown foundation

    Having used a vast array of different foundation over the years, I've seen absolutely no difference in any of them. The bees will draw it whatever the colour.
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    war on wasps and robbers

    Hi Monbees, Transferred them into a nuc (just a single frame and poly packers) and then out of the apiary. Put a syrup feeder on them. Yep....They have survived (amazingly may I add!!). Wether they survive in the long term though is yet to be seen?
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    Oxalic acid sublimation

    I'll send you a pic with my setup later this pm.
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    Want my garden back

    Well Shiny.....I'm gutted to hear that you want to throw in the towel. (are you seriously that sort of guy?) If you're a Kernow (or are you not a natural?) I would have thought better. Tip 1....The girls will be settling down for the winter now so you won't have any further issues until the...
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    Oxalic acid sublimation

    Hi Dani, Similar in what it does, of course, but using an electrical heat gun to sublimate the oxalic acid crystals.
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    Any idea?

  10. Rockingod

    Oxalic acid sublimation

    Quick question guys and gals........ How many of you use a heat gun vaporiser system for oxalic acid sublimation? Similar to that sold by Lega Italy.
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    Queen disappeared - what happened?

    Mmmmmm?.......... fizzle...The answer to your question is in your question (IMHO)...... You say a caste swarm? Well..... usually a 'cast swarm' is the second, third, fourth or even fifth swarm from the original colony and is usually headed by one, or indeed, more than one virgin/s. These cast...
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    Too late to put a nuc into a hive?

    Here we go.....The Rockingod's recipe..... Fat free soya flour 30% Brewers yeast 10% Natural pollen 16% Syrup (by weight) 44% I mix it all in a bucket to a fairly stiff paste. If it's a little too stiff for your liking simply add small amounts of plain water a little bit at a time until the...
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    Too late to put a nuc into a hive?

    Hi bengamind, I was going to get a pic for you before but I didn't have a nuc setup in a brood box until today. (Don't look too hard at the quality of the nuc and the lack of bees but I'd only just transferred them over and the queen was only laying on one frame). The brown stuff between the...
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    Inspection software (brilliant)

    Unfortunately, Mr_globus, not at this time. See my reply to Buzby.
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    Inspection software (brilliant)

    Hi Buzby, Not at this time. It needs a fair bit of refining as it's still a tad rough around the edges. However, I am working on the premise that within the next year or so I may well bring it to market. I wouldn't know about it working on the Android system (Since '87, I've only ever used Macs...