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    Strainaway to bee vac

    Has anyone tried to convert a Strainaway bucket into a bee vac, and if so would they be prepared to share the secret? I've a big cut out coming up in a difficult position (aren't they all!) and a bee vac would greatly help.
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    Bees on Laurel

    Thanks Taurus for the botany lesson, I wondered what those marks were. It would seem my bees are on the laurel and field beans at present so could be an interesting honey. Thanks all
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    Bees on Laurel

    Not sure if anyone else has observed this behaviour, but in the last few days my bees have been taking sap from the underside of young Laurel leaves. There are no aphids present but there are always a pair of puncture marks in the area they are licking at. Any thoughts
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    Do they know it is Christmas?

    All mine are out flying, and have been for a while now. There's a large range of flower out down here from mock orange to begonia's. Although not enough to keep all my girls happy I suspect.
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    Crazy weather

    The locals say its a bit of a foraging green desert down where I'm going. It will be interesting to see how the harvest goes after being used to a coastal urban foraging landscape.
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    Crazy weather

    I did actually mean the house build rather than the bees, but yes, I'll start a new thread when the work starts in April. Good luck with yours EB. Its a stressful time but a rare and fulfilling opportunity so grab it and hang on!
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    Crazy weather

    Wow my Op does seem to have spurred a wide range of topics. I guess I'd better add to the mix. We are about to cast off from Kent to East Devon to 'build the dream'. Having gone down from 12 to 3 hives ahead of the big move, I'd hoped they would be all tucked up and ready to move (I did intend...
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    Crazy weather

    I know some you in the North are having a tough winter, but wondered if those in the south are concerned about how much flying their bees are doing, and the implications on stores now and if/when the weather turns.
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    Anyone seen these before?

    Great, Thanks guys.
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    Anyone seen these before?

    Thanks for that 'Par'. BJB is right, its the date when the photo in the apiary was taken. I was hoping the clothing might give a clue, Edwardian perhaps?
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    Anyone seen these before?

    Thanks HM. I'm still keen to establish how old the first image is if anyone has any ideas.
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    Anyone seen these before?

    Just done a crude copy of some 200 magic lantern slides from my late fathers bee stuff. Does anyone know how old these images are and whether there are many copies out there? Thanks
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    Strange Cluster

    Could get around this problem with a Dartington floor as the entrance is never altered. All mine are now on this floor type and second season in I have no mice issues or robbing.
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    IvyWatch UK and Ireland

    Out here already and can smell it in the supers. I agree with JD, and I leave most of mine on as winter food. In fact last winter there was so much I did not need to feed my bees. All came through in fine condition.
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    Bright yellow honey - Ragwort?

    Took off a super today with a glorious bright yellow honey, but a bitter taste. Is this Ragwort and will the bitter taste go with time?