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    HS2 is a vanity project, verging on criminal. For a very interesting perspective, read this: high-speed-trains-are-killing-the-european-railway-network , quite apart from the vandalism to the environment.
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    Bees per hive per year

    A starting point might be this paper: Becher, M.A., et al., Brood temperature, task division and colony survival in honeybees: A model Then develop it to cover the different perspective....
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    Steam wax melter?

    https://beekeepingforum.co.uk/threads/wax-melter-plans.46350/#post-704371 Refers to pictures in a previous thread...
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    Bit of a culture shock !

    It weren't broke, why fix it? New format looks cheap and nasty.
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    Looking a removal in the eye....

    Thanks people, for the replies. I have done a few cutouts in the past, one requiring the removal of a flat roof. I seem to remember a document which gave a good list of options...I'll dig that out. The pests and rodent thing is relevant here. A problem with bleed outs is the remaining brood and...
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    Looking a removal in the eye....

    About 4 years ago, a neighbour knocked on the door and asked if I wanted some bees. A swarm had arrived and was busy shifting into its new accommodation: about twenty feet up a brick wall. By the time I got there, they (the bees) had well and truly made up their mind that that was home, and...
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    beekeeping professionally

    I think the break even point is determined by your business plan, with things like the size of operation, staff, vehicles and premises all coming into play along with the bees and beekeeping equipment. All that is driven by the income you hope to derive.
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    What is the process of starting bee farming

    A business plan. Back of the envelope numbers suggest you need at least 200 colonies to make a basic income.
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    Plant ID Please

    Thanks Dani
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    Plant ID Please

    This plant is a real memory evoker for me, but I have no idea what it is. Bees seem to work it a little, but this is the first time I have managed to couple the scent with the plant...Any help in ID from the botanically knowledgeable would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Roche
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    Staying at home (Covid-19)

    Really strange. Sometime in the last week (we quarantine all post for at least 48 hours at the moment) a copy of the Epoch Times was delivered through the door. Did that happen to anyone else?
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    Dominic Cummings - a national embarrassment

    A quick, or even lengthy note to ones MP is worthwhile here. The concept of two people so dozy they cannot remember conversations attempting to run the country is just scary, quite apart from all the other damage done...
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    Sound as a repellent

    More of the back story: I got asked to have a look at a swarm. Apparently it had turned up late-ish the previous day. The lady had heard that loud music might deter the bees. So she rigged some speakers around the dis-used pipe opening and let rip. When I turned up the next morning, there were a...
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    Any Landrover Series 3 Experts?

    Yes - the Land Rover manuals are easier to follow. And right from the hoses mouth, so to speak...