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    Anaphylaxis attack

    Sorry to hear of your woes. Sounds like a scary experience. is this a "new" type of reaction for you? certainly would not inspect your bees again alone.......
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    New queens just arrived

    My understanding is up to 10 days but the sooner they are used the better. they do need water though ASAP after travelling, only a drop mind!
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    swarm 5 days after new queen introduction

    no sign of bees on ground- they are on hardstanding so pretty sure i would have seen that
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    swarm 5 days after new queen introduction

    more history. Long story ......... We found capped queen cell 2 weeks ago. made the mistake of knocking down all queencells even though no eggs or larvae seen just sealed brood. Upon next inspection several emergency queen cells but no young larvae to make a viable queen. Knocked down...
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    swarm 5 days after new queen introduction

    Advice please :bigear: I introduced a new mated queen (clipped and marked) in a cage to what I thought was a queenless national hive. I released the queen yesterday with the bees seeming to me (newbee) calm around her introduction age. Today I witnessed a swarm depart, gather 20m away and...
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    castellated frame spacers for sn1

    Optimistic question considering the weather but: I need some spacers for supers, I have sn1 frames. I see that you can get 9,10 and 11 slot castellated spacers. Am I correct in thinking I only need 1 bee space between frames therefor to maximise potential honey crop i could use the 11 slot...
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    sting problem should i be worried?

    i would strongly recommend a visit to the doctor taking into account that anti histamine has been taken and still a reaction. You could mark on your skin with a pen the outline of the inflammation thus you would know the rate of the spread.....
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    Type of insulation

    Thanks all. I shall test the 3 types of tape and report back on the most effective;)
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    Type of insulation

    Due to size of colony and temp etc I have packed out a hive with what I can only describe as 2 plastic sheets sandwiching a dense foam. this was from an off cut of building materials that I found. my question is will I encounter any problems using this product? i now have the colony on 5 frames...
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    full colony with a super full of honey! for sale (worcestershire)

    please PM me with alternative contact details if colony and Hive are available still. (new to the site and unable to send PMs)